Honda Shadow Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Oil


How many milles I can drive with this oil and filter? It’s a good oil? Thanks.

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  1. Honda has a outside company produce oil for them, it used to be Valvoline, not sure if it’s them now though.

  2. To be honest… Motor oil is motor oil.. they ALL come from the same company, bottles in the same plant… Just some get different additives… having grown up as a mechanic, and managed multiple oil change/auto departments, they all get ordered from the same place…. Note… I did not say that synthetic was the same thing..

  3. oil is good, filter – not so much.

  4. Synthetics can go over 10 k km.

  5. I use K&N oil filters and honda oil.

  6. All good info but he asked how many miles till he has to change the oil manual for my bike saids every 4k do a oil and filter change.

  7. I do it every 3000 miles

  8. I change mine every 5000 miles the owners manual says every 8000

  9. I believe it depends on the type of oil.

  10. 5000 km for me, usually works out to once a season.. i change it in the fall so the old oil isn’t sitting in the engine over the winter…

  11. ok that’s understandable with synthetic oils .. but i thought i read that 100% synthetic oils are no good for motorcycles.

  12. I go about 3-5k or a year witch every happens first.

  13. I will have close to 5k miles on mine by the end of Oct . My Shadow is going in for its 12k mile service , and oil change . That will equate to 5k miles or once a year.

  14. I change mine at the end of every season. 5-7k miles. I use full synthetic and a K&N filter. I change my final drive oil with every rear tire change.

  15. I use Amsoil and change it every couple years. Comes out looking pretty clean too. I put 2-3k on a year.

  16. I change my oil every spring usually bout 4000 miles.

  17. About 6 miles then your blinkers will explode, make sure to fill up with jet fuel at you local gas station.

  18. I use valvoline 10w40 motorcycle and a honda brand filter every 2500 miles. 4$ a quart at Walmart and no issues, bought 5 filters online for 35$

  19. My Honda dealer reckon”s every 6000 k.m- oil and filter.

  20. The infamous oil thread. Where all brains clash in one place proving everybody wrong and right at the exact same time.

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