Honda shadow best off the line speed like 0-60


which Honda shadow model has the best off the line speed, like 0-60 I’m looking to upgrade soon and I ride my Honda shadow pretty hard, and where I have the most fun is 0-5 over the speed limit lol I’m just ready for more tourqe and would also like a reliable bike (P.fA)

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  1. The Magna V65. Lol.
    Yeah, I know it’s not a shadow

  2. ugh I know I just hate the style of that one so much and I really like spoke wheels

  3. The VT1100 launches me pretty good and I’m 130kg 🙂

  4. Brandon Coker, tbh in my experience riding shadows, the Spirit models seems to be a bit more spunky
    Like the Spirit 750s or 1100s.

  5. VTX 1800 will yank your chain

  6. He liked burning out his rear tire too much for my liking. I had to be more careful as I didn’t have the extra cash to be replacing a $90 tire every three months

  7. The 1100 in my opinion is the perfect balance of weight, speed, power, and maneuverability.

  8. hy would you buy a Shadow if acceleration is you god??

  9. My husband loves his 1100 Sabre (black one). He’s 5′ 11″ and 230. Mostly in town riding. Perfect combo of speed, weight and versatility according to him.

  10. 1100 sabre is a nice jump up without getting yourself hurt. You only have 7 months in the saddle and the Sabre will have a lot more power & a little heaver that your vlx600. I do think the sabre is the sportiest of the 1100s.

  11. Shadows are not hotrods there Crusers the cams run out , i would like to have one that screamed .. but i like to cruse there are tricks to getting more power but if your looking for more top end ? On the cheep put on a new back tire .. sidewall go down to next smaller… width go one size wider … overall taller tire good for 11 mph and better gas milage and if you dont like it wear tire out and go back to factory size and if you ride hard , get better clutch springs the 10% heaver ones there cheep easy to put on .

  12. I like factory it pulls hard and gets me there ? .it loves the Hwy all day long .

  13. The Sabre is geared lower than the other 1100s which makes it better at jack rabbit starts. The overall look and the wheels got me to buy mine.

  14. Buy a vtx I upgraded from a shadow 750 to vtx 1800r. It’s a torque monster.

    • I like my vtx but wanted a good touring bike. I already spent half what the bike was worth adding bags, windshield, backrest and radio before I said screw that and bought a 2011 kawasaki voyager 1700 with all the stuff I wanted and stuff the vtx will never have like a 6spd, cruise control, array of gauges and ofcourse a single crank pin. No the vtx is just a play bike and mostly ride my voyager.

    • Run it without the trunk most of the time.

  15. Man ,advance the timing, add a K&N air filter and a stage 2 carbjetkit,16 tooth front sprocket,38 rear sprocket and that Lil dual carbed vt600 vlx you got will run will run with the best of them,, I had one traded it off yrs ago. And my son found one last yr and we ride all the time. It’ll rum 100 mph plus,if you do it up right. They Rev harder then any other vtwin,including the vt600 98 and up which they pit a single carb on. It took its balls away then. Still good motors tho
    Here is our 96 vt600 and 07 vtx1300c


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