Honda MSX125 Grom Best Chain For Wheelies


Ok guys what’s the best chain if you do a lot of wheelies. And are in dirt often. I feel like I have to adjust every other week.

Branson 6 years 8 Answers 1308 views 0

Answers ( 8 )

  1. I’m looking to rechain and sprockets also.

  2. DID 420 O-ring if you want to stay stock chain pitch.

  3. Will i need to take any links out?

  4. Yup. You will with any chain except the direct fit Honda stock chain

  5. Ok thanks I’ll need something better lol

  6. I run the did o-ring on a 25hp 204 4v on and off road. Good chain.

  7. Thanks bro appreciate it.

  8. This guy knows what’s good for you!

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