Honda MSX 125 Grom Maxxis Knobbies


Looking for tire recommendations. The maxxis knobbies are really cool but maybe a little too aggressive for what I’m planning on. Anyone out there running something in that direction just not as knobby and still good for the street and cornering? Pic for attn:

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  1. Pirelli sl60s

  2. R.I.P grom soon 😀

  3. I feel like I saw maybe a set of Schinkos that were similar,

  4. Minimal gain from dual purpose tyres

  5. I’m using the Kenda K761 dual sport. Feels fine on the road and noticeably better on gravel. No complaints.

  6. I have shinkos… Love them on and off road.

  7. Kenda k761

  8. I have read SUCH bad reviews on the kendas and shinkos.\nTbh, if i were going with offroad tires, i would only consider the maxxis, from what i have found.\nThey do great offroad, and they are better in road than factory rubber by a long shot.\nYou have to give them a week though, because they turn in SO fast. They scare a lot of people within that period

  9. I haven’t ran them yet but I’ve loved all the mitas tires I’ve ran so far (20-“all weather”,32-snow tire,34-weekend track warrior tire). So far the 20s are my favorite for everything. Though the 34s are much stickier. The 20 & 34 have compound options, I choose street.

  10. I LOVED my Maxxis knobbies, they lasted me 2 seasons here in the Midwest. I ride alot of off-road trails but also ride streets alot too. When spring hits I’m going to run the Kenda 761s. Already have them and can’t wait to test them out. I can’t say one bad thing about the Maxxis knobbies, they performed flawlessly and were alot of fun.

  11. I have the kenda dual sports, and they are decent, they wear quick though

  12. We both have them and shredded some trails no problem. But they wear quick on the street. Mine is about donezo and I ride a lot of street and do lots of brake slides. His is still knobby

  13. we run dunlop tt93 race tires. it really provides no real advantage to run dual sport i have a set wheels with knobbies that i don’t even use

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