Honda Grom Spools or Swing Arm Stands?


What’s better for working on the Grom, spools or swing arm stands?

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Answers ( 14 )

  1. Harbor freight has both types of stands. Either one works.

  2. Dou have pictures of these?

  3. Spool. The swing arm stands are likely to move. Better safe than sorry!

  4. I hang mine from the rafters of my shed:)

  5. Can you work on everything, ie wheel/brakes/shock etc with either type?

  6. Shock is a tough one for stands. Kind of have to grab the subframe. But everything else yeah

  7. would like to order ^ through your amazon store

  8. I don’t think we have these on our AMAZON Store. Only through our website.

  9. Any chance you could add them? Due to the shipping/billing being diff, I couldn’t order from your site for weeks trying every way possible to add the address to three diff bank/card accounts , went though on amazon in a sec and got it the next day!

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