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Can anyone give me any tips about taking a grom on a long distance trip (other than don’t do it) I’m thinking about taking mine to Scotland

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  1. I hope you’ve got an after market seat!?

  2. If you live in Carlisle go for it. If not nah don’t bother ?
    Advice use only B roads.

  3. Cheap alternative is cyclist shorts! The ones with the ass pads. Also if you’re passing through edinburgh give me a shout! You can join one of our “grom squad” rides

  4. I know a thing or two about long distance lol, covered 2000 miles in 5 days when I did lands end to john o groats, also rode 2up to Paris (1000mi) a few weeks back. Your arse is gonna hurt no matter what so just let it hurt and eventually youll lose feeling and feel nothing at all, take breaks every hour for a couple of minutes just to stretch your legs and drink some water and get some food down you and youll be golden (y) any questions DM me il give my 2 cents lol

  5. Just try not to sit at high rpm for to long is all I can say after 100miles on mine continuous engine started to not like it lol

  6. I’ll meet u lol why u coming up

  7. Plan your trip and fuel stops accordingly. Remember if Google maps says 3hrs for a route add at least another 45 min to trip times taking into account slower average speeds and frequent stops and the stationary time for fuel etc, eg 8hr trip in a day really takes almost 12. Scotland would be the equivalent of a 3 Day holiday weekend for me, but I’m Australian.

  8. Extra Fuel bottle, 500ml oil to top up, top case, chains and padlocks, takegawa seat cover with memory foam underneath. Waterproof gear, gps/phone, power bank, x ram mount, credit card+cash, V5, insurance, passport, licence, Gopro on your helmet and good luck ?

  9. Luke, You should change your oil and air filter before you go. Maintenance is the secret to a successful trip.

  10. Took mine from Coventry West Midlands to great yarmouth and back, with a passenger. Outcome…. Never again

  11. I rode mine from Reading to Belgium 1000km+ round trip on a 1 day old 181 4V ?? seat is the only down point. I did it all on the stock seat. As you can see I had to strap a jumper too my seat when I got back in the UK as I couldn’t bare sitting down. Also rode to Scotland wasn’t all that bad.

  12. Just enjoy the Ride Bro take waterproof s and watch the wind ? plan your route in small chunks on your sat nav less stress.

  13. My suggestion is limit each trip to 40-60km.. 7k-ish rpm.. then stop to rest around 10-15mins.. then repeat..

  14. Well my country is relatively small.. east to west is only 40-ish km.. haha.. so I never had the need to go beyond that.. but I think going 100km per trip is gonna be a little taxing on the grom.

  15. Check my blog I originally set up for my 8200km tropical North and outback Queensland trip I did in March. Scroll back to the earlier posts when I did a daily log during the trip. It may help give you some ideas for long distance touring and trip preparation on a grom.

  16. I rode from the Central USA all the way to Mexico City, MX.
    Round trip ended up being about 4000 miles.
    Your butt will burn, even with an aftermarket seat. I suggest a sheepskin.
    Other than that, general maintenance should suffice.
    Good luck!

  17. All the way to Amsterdam get a comfy seat and a top box besides that make sure it’s serviced and running well.

  18. I rode mine from London to North West Scotland and back in 2017 & 2018 and will do so again in 2019 and may even do a big tour of Europe on it, almost 2300 miles all in

    My bike is stock apart from having a front sprocket with 16 teeth (standard is 15 teeth) and a speedo healer to give the correct speedo reading, as this way the engine does not rev so high.

    This was all done on the motorway mostly sitting at 60mph as my set up has 60mph at 6.7k rpm

    one tour up in Scotland gave me 174mpg which was interesting!

    heres my trip details:

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