Honda Grom MSX125 vs Kawasaki Z125 Pro Z


Honda Grom MSX125 vs Kawasaki Z125 Pro Z? Why did you pick the grom? Or z if you have one?

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  1. I love the groms because of the upgrades u can do and the followings of them are huge but also i prefer the honda brand too

  2. I picked a Z because it was my first bike and cheaper so the bottom line won out.

  3. Honda. Reliability, OG, more aftermarket parts.

  4. Grom has more parts available, lasts longer, looks better, rides better, oh and its a grom.

  5. I own a honda and acura so had to go with honda again.

  6. I love my Z, not gonna shit on groms cause I haven’t owned one, but I have ridden one and I like the way the z feels more, still get over 110 miles per tank.

  7. I picked the Grom because I bought mine a year or so before the Z125 came out. I have zero regrets. The only negative about the Grom is the fact that it’s a Honda….haha. I really can’t complain though, 32,000 HARD miles and it’s still running great. If I had to choose now that the Z125 is on sale it would be a tough choice.

  8. Grom because it came out first and has way more aftermarket support. Also small Honda motors are known for putting up with abuse.

    • Mine ran without oil like completely empty in it for a hair under 3 miles before I noticed oil smoke burning off the exhaust ? stopped at that point and got a truck to take it home. Took it all apart not one flake of metal shavings in case or head. Honda ftw

    • Did similar during my oil pump testing. Forgot to torque the pump past finger tight and found it loose next time I opened the case like 150 miles later. Made a funny noise a few times during that stretch. 23,000 and still going but a bit weak.

  9. Sat on both. I didn’t like the Z one bit. The Grom fit me better.

  10. I have had or built and risen both. I think the Grom suits the smallest guys and the Z suites the bigger guys.

  11. MSX because I had it long before the Z came out, no option of buying the Z in the UK though even if I wanted to now. Friend of mine has just purchased the Benelli TNT125 though and it’s not a bad bike for being 2/3rds the cost of the MSX.

  12. The Z125 wasn’t available when I got my Grom. I also got my daughter a ruckus at that time. I was a true team green but Kawasaki didn’t have options in the beginner category. So we ride red now, Honda has won me over with brand loyalty now.

  13. Both are great little bikes. Honda has more aftermarket, but the Z125 is coming up in the world. I got my Grom a couple years ago, before the Z was out.. so it wasn’t an option hehe

  14. Had both sold the grom. Z125 is a better bike.

  15. Grew up with Honda everything. Plus I like there’s more mods for it, better torque, breaks, etc.

  16. Liked the looks of the Honda SF more, also available in fluorescent yellow.

  17. Z is ugly Z had 0 aftermarket parts Because Ride Red Bitch

  18. Love my z50 so had to get a grom.

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