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Been thinking about buying a GROM but heard they only do about 60mph max? Is there any mods you can do to make them faster? And how are they to ride are they comfortable?

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  1. I've got a 2014 og grom and it depends on weight of rider I'm 5'6 9 and a half stone and when sitting up right I get 65mph but when tucking I get about 75_80 mph depending on wind and that but yeah they deffo do more than 60 mph ride mine every single day

  2. If you like attention, wheelies , going slow and being "cool" get a grom, if not …. well then your missing out

  3. Yes, suck in and go downhill. 65mph!

  4. mine do 150 with ease…

  5. Just put a 14t sprocket on and think you're going faster

  6. Lots of crazy answers in here but a lot of people aren't taking into account that groms get significantly faster after 700-1000 miles

    Mine did ~60 when i first got it after putting 500 miles or so on it I could cruise 63-64 sitting up 67-68 full tuck bone stock with the free intake Mod

    With a chimera intake, header (stock muffler) and a junk power commander I could cruise 65-66 sitting up and 71-72 full tuck

    But honestly you feel like and idiot tucking to do 70mph lol 65 is plenty on these things if you want to go faster buy a bigger bike. The money people spend to make them do 80 is dumb lol honestly they are the most fun on back roads or through trails. Perfect bar hoppers.

    Yes the seat is terrible

  7. Ok everyone not really looking to go fast but was more thinking if I wanted to go to town (I live small town with not much for stores or food places) would it be something I could go on the hwy with but most times I'd be just riding it back and forth to work and fucking off with it

  8. U see all those brand new groms out there with low miles and selling for cheap? Dont be one of them guys. If u looking to go fast….grom is not for you

  9. As someone who owns two Groms, one with a Grom Fatherz 210 that I have had over 100mph, I would say Groms are a good second bike. I prefer them in town over my big bike. Stock sitting up 55 is doable, if you leave a lot of road and keep it pinned upright you may hit 60. Full tuck and forever low 60s. After a PCV intake and exhaust mine would pull to the limiter at 73 tucked in perfect conditions. However those all took lots of distance. With the 210 it's another bike, cruising upright at 90 is no problem and it will power wheelie first and get to speed like a bike should. However I could have 3 Groms for what I have in that bike. I did it because I like the bike and enjoy it. If it's gonna be your transportation and only bike get something else. If it's a toy to enjoy go for it but understand what you are buying. Go test drive one so you get what it is.

  10. Buy a Supermoto. Same fun and faster.

  11. The best mod I know of is renting a U-Haul got to 97mph!

  12. Errrr
    And why Exaclty do you need or want to go faster on something the size of a child's 1st bicycle from Toys R Us?

    Get a big bike if you need / want to go faster.
    The Grom is amazing fun as it is.

  13. If you want speed don't get a Grom, they are fun as hell but not fast

  14. Stock 50-55ish, after intake exhaust and fuel controller about 55-60ish….

  15. They are fun to ride but yes slow. If speed is your only concern, I'd get something bigger. I'm about to do an intake and exhaust, I'll let you know if I get any kind of true gains from that.

  16. Stock bore with mods… not on a normal basis but 75-80 on average

  17. I agree on Groms being a secondary bike even though it is the main one i ride now

  18. Groms are most fun when in groups
    Otherwise it's meh

  19. Want something quicker then buy something else. Grom's are not about power/speed. Just ride it for the fun of it!

  20. Completely bullshit what most say i did over 60 on regular every damn day on stock setup and with few upgraded mods easy 70 to 74 mph . Ya underestimate this bike but just so ya know they were never met or bought to do over that anyway they are fun and special and ill snatch ya girl off the back off your pussy 1000 cc bikes lol easy

  21. Speaking from experience, you won't be happy with any mods you do to the grom short of buying a built motor or doing a motor swap. My advice would be to buy another bike, accept that the grom will never do more than 60 on a regular basis, or understand you will need to spend 2-3k on a higher performance motor/swap.

  22. Collin Cnile Fernandez nailed it. I bought a Grom, kept it 4 months and sold it for a CB300R. A Grom is a slow bike. It's meant to be slow. If you want 70 mph buy something bigger. It's less expensive and safer than making a Grom go 70 mph.

  23. I want to pull the trigger because msxparts have a bunch of seats for pretty darn cheap. But sometimes you get what you pay for…

  24. Buy a bigger bike like a superduke 1290

  25. 81 is my top right now. Exhaust, cam, intake, injector, finbro ecu and cold start harness

  26. Why does everyone ask this? These bikes aren't made for speed at all it's not a street bike there a street legal pit bike with street tires. There perfect for stunting and riding with a big group of them that's it oh and there a perfect commuter around town. I'm tired of seeing people say they only go 60? Like yeah bro there a 4stroke 125 don't need much more

  27. if youre buying for speed, def not grom.
    It's great for cruising around the city esp the busy ones like nyc or maybe running errands or just somethin fun to ride around with.
    The mods for speed arent really worth it tbh. Youre still slow after all.

  28. They're a Secondary fun bike. Don't but it if it's your only mode of transportation. They're fun as hell but you can't expect them to hit the highway or be fast.

  29. want a faster grom? do something like this…

  30. Their stock seats suck? That's being pretty generous.

  31. The aftermarket support is fantastic.

  32. they are slow, and their stock seats suck. But still worth it. if you want to go faster, it would probably be better for you to buy a different bike.

  33. 55 tops

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