Honda Grom Best Sprocket Tooth Size For Wheelies


What sprocket tooth size is the best for wheelies? Trying to get it so I can wheelie in 2nd and maybe 3rd. 2018 grom.

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  1. I went -1 in the front and it helped me. My buddy went -1 in the front and +2 in the rear and maxes out at 55 but can clutch up in 4th

  2. I bought a 45tooth and was pulling up in 3rd not to balance point but possable. Only could go 45-50. I went +1 in the front and I can do first and second gear wheelies easy with a top speed of 60.
    I don’t see how you only are getting 55 jerimy I’m +1 +11 and hitting 60.

  3. Different gearing, different results. I’m still getting 65-67 with -1 in the front. 55 with -1 front +2 rear.
    Swetland one thing that will help is a subcage. I put one on and it helped me pull up in 3rd without having to use the clutch.

  4. -1 and pulling up 3rd sat down, just learn the technique

  5. There isn’t a best gearing for wheelies. It’s literally all preference. Though -2/+3 (friend hits 53mph max with finbro ecu)is what kevtek recommends and it seems to work well for a lot of people. Then on the other hand I know guy that can kill a 3rd gear with only -1 up front(68mph top speed with stock revlimit). Im at -2/+2 (63mph max with a 10k revlimit)and it comes up much easier but I lost some topend I want back. Thinking 14/36(-1/+2, should let me do 68mph) will be my personal sweet spot.

  6. I just put a 14 on up front… I can pull it up more… but damn it feels so much slower… I ride over 16miles on a wide 3 lane road…. I feel this will kill the bike fast as its always on red line

  7. I’m -1 +6 I top out 52 1st comes up without even trying. 2nd comes up like butter and 3rd I really need clutch springs for. I hope the front tire shifting to 2nd everytime.

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