Honda CRF 250 RALLY Heidenau K60


Thinking about getting a set of Heidenau K60 Scout tires for my Rally. Anyone have any experience with these? I’m riding mostly on roads and want something that will stick better

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  1. K60 and K60 scout are different. 120/90/18 is great. Front 90/90/21 is good, too!!!

  2. The tread is different depending on size. They are very Hard to work with if you doing the fitment at home. Mitas E07 is a better tire in my opinion in every aspect.

  3. Very good tyre! On my xt660z 23.000 rear and 18.000 front. On and off road from the Netherlands to mongolia via Tadjikistan.

  4. I have it on my KTM 690 and I love it for light offroad and gravel roads. But I haven’t mounted it on my own.

  5. I’ve had them on most of my travel bikes, I think they are about the best 50/50 you can get.

  6. Is the front tire tubeless and rear tube type on our bikes?

  7. What’s the difference between k60 and k60 scout?

  8. I believe they are the same

  9. Only the pattern is different. Semih Sert

  10. 140/80 the only option for 18″ rims? Does it fit Rally? The stock tire’s width is 120

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