Honda CRF 250 Rally First Gear Problem


Any one else having trouble going from neutral to first gear? Seems to take too much effort sometimes?

Connor 6 years 7 Answers 1098 views 0

Answers ( 7 )

  1. Check chain tension. This can cause these symptoms.

  2. On my DR350 it helped to blip the throttle.

  3. Try clutch in – out again, I have same issue on my 17 rally & 15 250L (daughter bike) both bikes have less than 500 kilometres on them, so I felt it may just be a “run in” thing?

  4. I’m @ 5000kms , thanks for a the feedback

  5. I just got my bike 2 weeks ago. Around 600 miles I started having slight problem finding Neutral. I just adjusting for a bit more clutch pull on cable at handlebars. Fixed.

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