Hindle or Yosh RS-2?


Want exhaust for my 2018

Hindle or Yosh RS-2?

I want Yosh but the price has me hesitating. %15 off on EBay might push me over.

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  1. Hindle sounds better in my opinion.

  2. For a 9hp bike, save your money. Many people have reported that they like this exhaust better than their Yoshi.

    A high mount is also available on AliExpress.


  3. Coming from the Harley world, it blows my mind what some of these companies charge for a grom exhaust. Some of them are more expensive than Harley exhausts that have more material, more bends, and made of the same stainless.

  4. Yeah but the 90$ exhaust on Amazon/eBay and slap whatever decal you want on it. It's a awesome exhaust for the price you can't beat it.

  5. Can you upload a video of the sound for us?

  6. +1 for the $90 amazon special. Quality is great for the money

  7. As I research mods, I see exhaust and tuner will be the first of many. I don't want to buy twice.

    I'm turned on by the Super 125 set up.

  8. Motorcycle complete exhaust with tip and baffle Fit for Honda Grom Msx125 2013-2018 (Full black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BHMFXMD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_DMx9BbWPK09JX

  9. Yoshi won't be disappointed

  10. Get the $90 amazon.

  11. Or just waste ur money on a name brand

  12. 200 shipped 400 miles with dB killer

  13. If you're going to do super 125 or any big bore just get the hindle

  14. Brock's or hindle

  15. Run straight pipe

  16. Y'all just get straight pipe it sounds good and rims great

  17. I have a hindle on my 2019 and love it! https://youtu.be/tRONusm3AHg

  18. Damn hahahah I thought that was a joke

  19. I'm happy with hindle

  20. My Grom is Black

    Now the big question is all Stainless or Black with stainless cap??

    Pics of your Black Grom with Hindle??

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