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Question for Himalayan Owners (I am getting delivery of mine shortly) ….

1. What are the essantial things that needs to be understood from the mechanic before receiving the motorcycle ??
2. What are the things that needs to be checked before delivery??
3. What are the accessories that I get with the motorcycle (example mirrors, panier, box, jerrican, toolkit, first aid kit etc)??
4. Do I get/demand any freebies (example helmet, saddlebag etc) ??
5. Shall I threaten to beat up the Service Centre in case of bad service (just joking) …
Thanks in advance …

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  1. No freebies…may be you can get a key chain …that’s it!

  2. Just check thorougly…for any damage…and take a test ride before you get delivered…Coz sometimes…maybe handling problem occurs …which drags to one side !

  3. check all the panels if they are loose or rattling… check the disk brake plate and spokes in the wheels front n rear both… these are some things which are ignored by RE!

  4. dude Side mirrors n 1 helmet wrth rupees 1800/- free wth any model of RE. check the handle, dent and the colour quality. sometimes the company delivered damage models. Damaged and scratches in trucks after loading. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Plzz check the tappet sound

  6. Its major problem nowadays

  7. Important… check for damages during delivery…. especially those small components such as footrest, indicator lights, basically anything jutting out of the main body…(gets damaged during transportation). I was delivered with a damaged Stbd footrest on my GT…. noticed it after a week… but showroom claimed not covered under warranty!

  8. By the way…. Congrats on the Decision!

  9. Please state On road price and waiting period and city

  10. Since you are getting your delivery shortly a question you need to ask is “Do I really need Himalayan?” ๐Ÿ™‚ Jokes apart but I agree with Deb Sen’s comment!

  11. depends on your bargaining skills…. i got a small discount on my bike… ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Check meter and its features make sure time compass etc is working and at its place. Check for scratches and other stuff indicator re working etx

  13. You can get a step by step guide for checking your motorcycle before taking delivery at http://motohive.in/taking-delivery-of-bike-the-ultimate-pre-delivery-inspection-checklist/

  14. U ll get only bike. \nNo first aid. No cans, no guard \nN chk each and every corner of bike for any scratches..

  15. U won’t get any panniers and jerry cans … However Showroom must have the jerry cans and panniers for purchase separately …
    Tool Kit and a small medical kit is free with all the bike …
    Check for damages , dents and other paint work … Check the electricals ,, wiring ,, switches working fine , headlamps working , digital console working … Battery ok …
    Gear shifting is bit hard in this bike but after 1 -2 service I have heard that it becomes ok …. U can Revv this engine however it is not a very high speedster … I have heard max it can do 120kph so the cruising speed is 100 kph … Which is fine on Indian roads though …

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