High blood pressure?


Hello guys, Any cyclist out there with high blood pressure?

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  1. ACE inhibitor. Went off my med a year ago and felt fine, until I infarcted part of my kidney during/after a hard 10k run. Listen to your doctor. My 2 cents….

  2. Yep, family history. Trying to ride and maintain weight. Stress though…that's the beast.

  3. Absolutely, had it since I was a kid, used to be I could control it with diet and exercise but as I get it older it has become a medical problem.

  4. Only when going up hill.

  5. I run mine at 50psi lol

  6. Yup,and i stay stacking on miles…

  7. Yep. Right here. I take meds for it.

  8. Only as a Kiwi when watching the finish of last nights race at Nové Město!

  9. Half the country last time I heard–treatable with healthy weight loss, diet, regular exercise, etc.—under a doctors supervision–some may need more extreme measures.

  10. Everybody chasing Chris Froome this week…..

  11. Yes and that's just the start of my health problems biking is my stress relief and I am going to ride my way to being better. I start my cancer treatment back up next month and have committed to ride 500 miles to fight for kids with cancer. We all have problems and biking pulls us together and helps us keep going forward. Ride on and have fun

  12. Interesting question anyone else out there with a super low one, to the point where every time they stand up they get dizzy

  13. Yes I did have high blood pressure but cycling has brought mine down and even though it runs in my family I must be doing something right.

  14. Hell yes after this!

  15. Mine as dropped to normal or lower for my age since I started riding.

  16. Only when I see a doctor. White coat syndrome.

  17. Only when I don't cycle

  18. Yes I had but it dropped down fast after I started riding and giving up liquor.

  19. Mine has dropped since I began riding.

  20. I did. But cycling and the RCP it has significantly dropped and is still getting better.

  21. Me but take Losarthan to normalise it no problems

  22. None, my parents have . Cycling prevented this.

  23. Yeah–I was hospitalized with a BP readout of 200/150! It took me a week without the bike—the nurses were nice though–my medication is a small tablet made in Ireland! I ride again but not as nsane as before!

  24. It's one reason i ride, the more i ride the fitter i become and with weight loss should hrlp

  25. Yes me all the more reason for me not 2 stop riding

  26. Probably me by the time I hit 40.

  27. yes, hereditary. Controlled with meds. No problem taking in extra salts when riding as I sweat it out.

  28. Yes… I take 10mg of amlodypine besylate. It's a calcium channel blocker. It's only real side effect is that my heart rate does not go past a certain rate. Not as noticeable anymore as I'm not in a hurry.

  29. Well I used to take 4 meds twice a day but after a few months of riding my bicycle every day, I'm down to one pill once a day.

  30. Yes. But well under control for years with 1 tablet / day and riding my bike. You can do it!

  31. Yes. Hereditary. Been on medication since 2006.

  32. Mine is staying down now thanks to cayenne and garlic.

  33. Cayenne and Garlic didn't work for me. I actually have to take doubles doses of norvasc and metapropial to keep it down this despite 4300 miles a week average and a rock hard 197lbs.

  34. Hereditary I guess.

  35. Yep, I take a pill every day for it.

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