Help! the gas cap is bending my key!


Hello guys, I need help, the gas cap is bending my key! What can I do? Thanks all, Ride safe.

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  1. Spray some WD-40 in the key-hole, then open the cap and lubricate the latch mechanism.

  2. No WD 40 in the lock cylinder, It can gum up the mechanism. Get som lock lubricant from a hardware store.

  3. Agree on no oil or liquid lubricants. Use graphite or a specific lock lubricant. When you have it open you could remove the cap for a good cleanup.

  4. Push down on the cap then turn key, graphite works great.

  5. What Ricky said.

  6. Graphite cheap non gumming does a great job.

  7. Shave a pencil down and stuff the graphite down in your key hole keep it dry you don’t want to put anything wet down in there it will just promote more corrosion graphite is the way to go please trust me on this one.

  8. Push the cap down and hold it while turning.

  9. My 16′ FZ-09 gas cap’s all jacked up. I’m going to get a keyless replacement soon but haven’t found the right one yet. They’re all over Amazon and eBay.

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