Helmet noise is killing me…


Helmet noise is killing me… Got to an extent that I can’teven enjoy the ride as I used to. Suggestions on new helmet/ experience and any thoughts are welcome!

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  1. I’ve got arai rx7-gp just now which is louder than my last shoei xr1000

  2. I work in a noisy factory, I have moulded ear plugs that tune out specific frequencies. You can get these for use in motorsport to. They aren’t cheap at about £150. You should be able to find something similar online. I seem to remember that Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor used them on the Long Way Down.

  3. Have a shark raw gave me bad ears for weeks\nStarted using plugs .and use as a second helmet ..now. use a avg.k3 much better.

  4. Hjc is17 works for me

  5. Shoei nxr ????

  6. HJC IS-17 here too.

  7. My AVG is awful, but I’m used to it. I smash out tunes through my Bluetooth headset which helps too

  8. I like to hear what’s going on around me as well as seeing

  9. Ear plugs make s huge difference

  10. I have Arais which fit me perfectly. I don’t get that much noise but I did when I used an rx7gp. Schuberg are expensive but the quietest you can buy. They size differently so don’t fit me but the make BMW helmets which did so at least you have an option. My exhaust’s are loud so I wear plugs. Foam ones on string as I have an odd shaped ear tunnels. One I can lose the bud and the other is very narrow and I struggle to get it in

  11. Motorbike earplugs from a hardware shop work well for me. Not so expensive.

  12. Not an AGV S3 then, wind noise is shocking!

  13. I had a rst helmet which was bad for wind noise, before my new agv k3 and it’s so much better. Fits great and little wind noise and when I put I ear plugs in it’s even quieter.

  14. Scorpion 2000 carbon has pump up cheek pads that helps with noise reduction and my exhausts are over 95 decibels

  15. Used a few different helmets on my z1000, it’s a 2003 bike, and like all naked bike, wind noise is massive at any speed over 70 80 mph, especially in strong head winds, best thing is to jam some plugs in your ears or slow down!\nI use a set of those vented earplugs for playing loud instruments.\nIt’s cut the noise by a bit, but still let’s you hear your bike and surrounding traffic.

  16. Got to protect your ears, I was a despatch rider in the 90s, hardly ever used ear plugs and think that was the cause of my tinnitus(mild, thankfully).

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