Heated grips on their Cforce 500HO


Has anyone installed heated grips on their Cforce 500HO? If so, where did you tap into your power? Direct to the battery or is there an OEM supplied switched power supply for optional heated grips?

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Answers ( 5 )

  1. Yes. Off the key switch

  2. Did you tap into a wire or was there an extra pin or tab to use?

    • My dealer did it. All I can tell you is it’s powered by the key switch.

    • Gotcha. I’ve used Oxford grips on my bikes and might just run it to the battery since I’ve heard of issues with Cforce key switches. The Oxfords have an auto cut off if it senses the battery drops below 12.7 volts.

    • I have mine tapped into key switch wires, works great.

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