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Is anyone on here using heated gloves? After some recommendations. I’ve been looking at the Gerbing XR12 hybrids

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  1. I have Yamaha heated grips but my brother has heated gloves. Not sure what brand but he reckons they are good. He also has heated grips on 2 of his 3 bikes but still uses gloves as well as they heat the back of his hands as well.

  2. Martin, no but will. Will try these ones http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/231069791219

  3. you will hear 2 things about gerbing gloves. (1) the controller uunits keep failing & need replacing. (2) Gerbing are really good at replacing the controller units on warranty.

  4. Keis heated gloves failed and replaced twice, reading the small print it states you shouldn’t get them wet……Why do they sell them in Scotland then ffs….?

  5. Going to try the ones Pedro suggested. At £30 I’ll be happy if they last a couple of winters

  6. I use Gerbing exact model and I’m very happy with these. Keep my hands warm during winter commuting. No need for heated grips when you have these!

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