Headlight Protectors Tracer 900


Does anybody have headlight protectors on, if yes what kind?

Scott 5 years 8 Answers 1322 views 0

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  1. yes Scott RG light smoked ones they look good I paid £22 for mine

  2. Yeah I just got clear ones Look at this on eBay Yamaha Mt-09 Tracer,FJ-09 Headlight Protector,made In The Uk,clear,new

    • That’s the ones I’ve been looking at, only thing that’s puts me off is the sticky pads. Still worth getting over for the protection they add.

    • Exactly I would rather prevent my lights being broken with stones for £20 than pay for a bloody expensive headlight.

  3. I went for the Puig ones…. not cheap but good quality.

  4. I got from Pyramid pastics, they used to do a few colours but they are only listing clear now, mine have a light blue hew to them

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