Heading to Maine from Mi (Motorcycle Camping)


I’m seriously thinking of a road trip. Thinking about heading to Maine from Mi. I have my tent and the other things I think I’ll want. Any suggestions on roads to take or avoid?

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  1. Not sure where you are starting from, but where ever it is, I would just take the fastest route, and avoid big cities during traffic time, and that way you don’t waste a lot of time just getting to where you want to visit, 🙂

  2. Seaway trail. On the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario then shoot across the top of New York in to Vermont and New Hampshire… hIt white mountains/Mount Washington. Ride the coast of Maine also ????????????????

  3. Ride through the White Mountains in New Hampshire, Very pretty.\nBar Harbor in Maine has been suggested to me a few times but I’ve haven’t been there yet. But I went from Long lake down to Portland area and that was fun.

  4. Never ever take the fastest route, take the scenic route and the WHOLE trip will be great, not just the arrival point!! When you planning on going? I would love to go!!

  5. If You’re riding all those miles, to Maine, Get out to the coast, Acadia N.P., Bar Harbor,Where the mountains meet the ocean. Beautiful area.

  6. taking a ferry across lake Champlain is an option

  7. Stay off I 90 NY . Go I 86 nice country .

  8. Kurt Miller

  9. Go thru the adk’s lake placid

  10. I went there last year. Great ride.who you going with.

  11. How long do you have will set the pace for your route. Happy trails. Sounds fun. I would have a partner just so I had conversation at camp lol

  12. I did NC to Maine via Cape Cod ( and lots of other places) back in 2008. I like using a GPS and setting it to ‘Non-Highway\

  13. I have always wanted to head up there. Good for you and good luck!

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