HD Brighter LED Headlight to Replace the Stock LED Headlight


Can someone suggest a brighter LED Headlight to replace the stock LED headlight that comes on 2017 UC? Daymaker is one but any specifics? Thanks

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  1. Be sure you’ve adjusted it in a way that gives you the most punch down the road. From the factory, mine was focused more toward the road. I wanted better reach. I had to adjust the headlight on my 2015 up.

  2. Don’t think just because the lumens Numbers are high That it’s a brighter light. You need to figure out the just of the over all brightness from point of bike to a certain distance. I just watched a YouTube video today because I’m trying to find a brighter light. JW speaker is supposed to have a good light. I can’t remember there is a couple other good ones to

  3. I have TruckLite and it’s almost too bright even in the daytime if you can believe that ?!

  4. Custom Dynamics

  5. If you think the stock headlight is not bright enough then your seriously need to see an eye Dr. You may have an underlying problem developing?

  6. Jw speaker adaptive is the best there is. Much brighter, much wider pattern, and lights up the curves when leaning

  7. Your stock led light isn’t bright enough? My 16 is plenty bright. Also I turned my driving lights upside down , now they shine up and out instead of down and out.

  8. Ride your day maker thru the mountains at night. You’ll realize how bad it is.

  9. Daymaker everytime there on both my bikes ebay less than $80

  10. I also went to the dealership and they flashed my driving lights so they stay on all the time now. High and low beam. Big difference.

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