Having an issue with the front sprocket


Having an issue with the front sprocket.(Yamaha WR250X) No matter how many times I torque it and stake the nut it some how always comes loose enough to make a horrible noise when it rattles while decelerating. Anyone else experience this, probably just going to order a new nut to put on and stake it really really good.

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  1. You need to fold the thin washer behind the nut over the nut. It keeps it from coming lose. You need a hammer and a punch or flat head screwdriver to fold it.

  2. Is there even a thin nut behind it. I thought the one on these bikes is a thick washer. Been a while since I’ve looked tho

  3. Yeah I may be wrong. My WR450f and YZ 250 has them.

  4. The yz and WRfs do but don’t think wrx wrr have that style, that’s why they have the type of nut they have

  5. I’ve used a punch and bent that thing all up in there, it seems to flatten itself out and spin loose

  6. Never had one come loose but never torqued one either. Impact n few decent blips

  7. I always use threadlocker, but dont peen the nut ( I change front sprocket often)

  8. Loctite seems to work

  9. Make sure that nut is tight or it’ll eventually round off the threads on the shaft.

  10. I’d say since you are having troubles get a new nut and use blue locktite. Then peen it down also.

  11. i cant even get mine off. broke the tip of my Leatherman blade in that peen grove. Need an air gun..

  12. New nut, loctite, red is stronger lol, and hit the tab in?

  13. My came off once, after that I put loctide on it and pushed in the sides

  14. Just replace the nut, my stock but lasted multiple sprocket changes and held up fine, I replaced it for the sake of replacing it and the new one wouldn’t stay tight, they should really only be used once

  15. Peen it hard via screwdriver and hammer, it won’t loosen

  16. Good idea to replace it if you plan on wearing out the sprocket.

  17. Just buy a new pinch nut.

  18. service manual says to replace it each time.

  19. how many times have you taken the nut off? you can usually only get away with doing it once or twice. replace the nut and check you havnt messed up the shaft splines also if the side cracks at all then its stuffed so dont stake it too hard

  20. Order two, thank me later.

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