Haven’t seen any gains…


Anyone familiar with the ft ecu active tune software .. installed it about 2 months ago and just haven’t seen any gains just not sure if I’m doing it right..(picture of a ruined r1 for attention)

Haven't seen any gains...

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  1. It made a drastic difference for me, throttle was most noticeable.

    Make sure you are selecting the correct model ECU as well.

  2. Iv been debating on going with this. I was under the impression you have to go make a hit, then come back plug in laptop and allow the autotuner to make the adjustment it recommends to hit your target afr.

  3. Apparently it didn’t make it fast enough to out run an explorer But seriously did it at least get rid of some of the rich exhaust smell?

  4. I ruined my r1 too.

  5. I have one. Not really great with all the settings so I didn’t make a lot of changes. But I followed a YouTube video on it. Set the auto tune off run the bike come back make the suggested cuts then turn the auto tune back on.

  6. Do you have block off plates installed? That made a big difference on mine. It was the final piece in the puzzle. Bike finally fuels perfectly

  7. I tried to autotune with the pcV..the o2 sensor reads wrong at certain rpms. And using the autotune made my bike run like shit and would always die. Maybe the same with the ECU autotune.

    Said fuck it and paid for a dyno tune. The bike is a beast now.

    I dont think I’d ever try any autotune shit again. Just do all your mods get the flash tune kit and have some1 in the know tune it.

  8. I think I used this video

    This one is a great explanation of the different settings and how to apply them

  9. Nick Marino

  10. The problem with any auto tune type function or device is due to how people ride with brief stabs at the throttle, and other variable inputs and conditions, is they will all punch holes all over your map.

    Get a good dyno tune. If you still want to use Auto Tune after word, don’t write any of the changes. But allow it to make limited adjustments to help account for temps and air pressure.

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