Have any of you felt like your 883 is holding on power?


Have any of you felt like your 883 is holding on power? I’ve noticed that on my 883 i have to go into 5th gear as soon as I got 40 if not before. Is that normal or is there anything I could do to improve That? Never rode a different 883 so idk if it’s normal because of the engine size.

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  1. Not really sure but I heard that a stage 1 tune helps with power. I just finished mine and will be riding it next week hopefully

  2. I can tell you the best investment I’ve made is a high flow air breather and a V&H Fuelpak 3 tuner. But… make sure you’re not hitting the rev limit.

  3. Not at all. I usually don’t hit 5th until at least 65. 40 for 5th doesn’t sound rigth.

  4. Before it was fully broken in I had to

  5. 5th at 40???? I think at 40 I’m just hitting 2nd

  6. I my 14 has a stage one with a dealer tune, I hit 5th at 55mph when I’m just cruising, 80-85mph when I’m railing into it…. the tune will change the rev limiter, mine hit at 7200rpm.. stock I think is 5800.
    Stock max power is at 3800rpm.
    If you running your throttle 50% open or more Thu the gears your should definitely feel your butt pushing into the back for the seat.

  7. I’m new to riding all together. There’s. how do you know when you hit the rev limit. I’m sure I’ll get a few chuckles for this question lol

  8. Yup VH fuel pak and air filter, bam! you are good to go.

  9. I don’t hit 5th till 45 just like it says in the manual (and the sound of the engine)

  10. The manual at stock parts/settings says 2nd 15 3rd 25 4th 35 5th 45. If you’re drastically different from this when you’re either wrapping it too hard or shifting too soon.

  11. 1st to 2nd @ 25-30mph\n2nd to 3rd @ 35-40mph\n3rd to 4th @ 50-55mph\n4th to 5th @ 60-65+mph This would be near redline but shouldn’t hurt anything. Of course with short shot pipes and stage 1 air cleaner would make a difference over stock. If you are stock then do what the manual says.

  12. 5th at least at 70Km/h

  13. If my weekend-memory serves me correctly, I’m usually in the 52-62mph range when I’m in 4th. Anything above that and I kick it in to 5th.RPM related – seems like the sweet spot is 3200 and it’s nice and smooth.

  14. not sure about the question. Why do you feel you have to shift that soon?

  15. Maybe I’m just dogging mine too much but I hit 5th at around 65 70

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