Have a problem with my IRON 883!


Hello, mates!
Have a problem with my IRON 883!
The speedo lights and indicator lights go off as soon as the engine is running!
Regulator and ECM are already exchanged!
Any ideas?
Thanks from Germany

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  1. What size tires you running?

  2. Just the speedo light and the indicator lights, nothing more? Headlight, turn signals, brake lights work? Speedo works?

  3. I’m thinking a loose connection, question is where to find it…since it’s located on the speedo, start from there working your way away from it….

  4. What sized tires for front and rear?

  5. Awesome bike, where did you get the 883 decal on your oil tank cover from?

  6. Bro, I will suggest you check your battery and then check your wiring for any loose connection. Make sure your bike have good earth connection too.

  7. Pretty cool bike

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