Has anyone had their bike stolen while using one of these?


I purchased a bike rack for my car a few years ago. I have yet to use it, I’m concerned my bIke will get stolen. Are they safe to use? Has anyone had their bike stolen while using one of these? Are there any precautions I should take when using it?

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  1. My lbs owner just had a bike stolen off his rack, because he went into his store to get another bike without locking it up

  2. Roof, hitch, or trunk rack? If you leave your bike on it unattended there is a chance it will get stolen. I double ulock it and use a Heavy duty chain lock with mini ulock when I need to leave it out of my sight for a bit

  3. In Colorado they are going to the trail heads and stealing the racks while your riding. Nothing is safe anymore

  4. I lock my bikes on the roof rack

  5. unless the bike is in my site the bike is in my site and locked the bike is with me or on a fork mount roof rack locked

  6. Besides the fork lock I have a cable I run through the rear wheel and frame and threw the rails of the rack

  7. Depends on where you are. I have used cable and padlock to lock several bikes together on the rack and then another to lock it all to the towing loop on the car.

  8. Anymore I cable lock my bike even inside my SUV.

  9. When the bike on top of the car is worth more than the car you better lock it

  10. Yes. They inherently attract bad guys. Put it on your car. Ride to the destination. Take it off. Put rack in the car. Ride. Put it back on the rack. Go home.

  11. Just gotta lock it. I use a u-lock through and tire and the frame to chuck the bike, and a kryptonite security cable around the frame and rack. Some of the high end racks have built in security, but I like using my own so I can remove and take with.

  12. We have a couple of rack styles. The one with no locks already installed we lock bike to bike rack where it is more difficult to take off with the bikes. The other one where it has bike locks on the hook over the front wheel we lock that loop through the frame & front wheel then take an extra lock to secure the back wheels again around the bike frame so it is more difficult to take off with bike. Not had any issues when traveling with our bikes on the bike rack locked up. As there are usually 2 of us if we feel that we are in a bit of a not so sure area we try to limit our time there & one may hang out with the car & bikes. A Very Determined Thief will probably manage to steal what they want & have the tools very handy. Otherwise, those just looking for an easy steal will leave them alone. I will add that we do have a locking bolt that bike rack goes into the hitch so a couple of burly guys can't take the entire rack & bikes away.

  13. I cable lock mine to hitch and also cable lock wheels on. But mine is removed and put in vehicles for long rides.

  14. Going to trail head works great but to leave your bike on the rack a long time or overnight is a no no no. Also make sure you remove bike bags I've had my bikes locked up and came out and had someone searching through my bike bag.

  15. I use a construction cable that has two loops on the end. I think it's 10ft. I thread the one end thru my wheels and frame. I then run remaining cable thru other ends and pull tight. The long left over cable goes in my hatch.(RAV4). I pull it in and slam the door. The loop on the other end prevents it from being pulled out. This has work for me for years. I do take off my road bike seat pack. I hope this helps.

  16. Seconded. Take your bags, lights, and any other accessories off if they can't be locked (both on the bike and into the container).

    If you just want PGP (pretty good protection), mount your accessories with heavy duty zip ties. Sure, they can be cut, but it requires more than just a walk-by unsnapping.

  17. Mine rides inside my car….back seat laid down…slide it in rear wheel first….remove front wheel….perfect!

  18. I keep my bike inside the car at all times. It's safer and cleaner

  19. Thanks everyone, lots of good ideas…

  20. My car rack is trunk mounted and old. I never leave the bike on it. The one on my my wife's is trailer hitch type and locked, I will occasionally lock the bike to it when we are traveling.

  21. both the bike rack and the bike are lockable usually I ride to a trail and eat at a place where I can see my bike.

  22. Had a bike just "jump" off while traveling 80mph. Needed a new wheel after. 🙂

  23. My Thule rack has a built in cable lock. I always use it if The bike is on the rack and I have to leave the car.

  24. Add a cable and lock. You will be good to go.

  25. Hook up bikes to a large battery. No issues so far.

  26. Bike racks are just that: Racks for holding bicycles, sometimes while in transit.

    Bike racks are NOT locks, security devices, safe.

  27. I use mine all the time…I have a safety cable attached to my roo rack with a pad lock and big u-bolt locks locking the bikes to the rack

  28. Don't drive into the garage with them on top ! I heard about a guy with two carbon bikes on top of his Porsche 4WD that destroyed his bikes and the roof of his Porsche

  29. move too the country and it will be safer but not 100 percent

  30. tweakers are behind bushes in the countr

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