Has anyone had something similar in the shoulder?


Ok guys, I am sure someone can help me. We have all had wrecks. One of mine has come back to bite me. As of yesterday I have to have surgery to repair a small tear in my rota-tor cuff, smooth down my collar bone that never healed correctly and scope the shoulder. Has anyone had something similar in the shoulder? Dr. is saying 3 months recovery? Do you think that is real? I am type A when it comes to training etc. which is probably what got me in trouble since I hate to wait to heal. Please be realistic as I am devastated about not being able to train and stay in some type of shape. oh and I am recovering from a hip injury as well. (No surgery) What do you recommend as far as any type of workout?

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  1. I've had my collarbone bolted down twice and shaved. I'm looking at my rotator cuff also being shaved as it's still a problem. 6 weeks was about right I think before could do things normally. And I've been advised no physio or workouts as I'm more likely gonna wear out a mashed up joint than help movement.

  2. Depends on how much damage in rotator cuff. Mine was 6 months recovery and still hurts

  3. Just had 4 procedures on my shoulder, Rotator cuff too far gone to repair. Was given 4 months recovery. But I'm assuming that's not back to full use. The one killing me the most is the relocation of my LH bicep to reduce shoulder pressure….. still can't lift arm after 5 weeks

  4. How bad is the tear? Small tears do not always benefit from surgery. This is to say, you may be fine with a small tear and be able to function normally without any issue. I have one myself, from a car vs. bike crash, which also broke my clavicle. I would recommend obtaining a second opinion, prior to having the surgery. Check around, there should be a good number of physicians in your region who have familiarity with cyclists or cycling related injuries. Overall, approach the surgery with caution. 3 months is probably on the outside end of the spectrum for recovery, for an athlete. We do recover much faster. Expect at last 6 to 8 weeks though. This being said, you can ride a trainer immediately, as soon as you feel well enough to do so and this will maintain or even improve your fitness. Good luck!!!!

  5. I had to have mine done awhile back. With PT it took about 5 months. Wasn't totally doing all I wanted for about 10 months but my tear probably was worse. Then again I really didn't listen that well either and was out riding ect. In 1 months time. I don't advise that due to dam that hurt kinda thing.

  6. I had rotator cuff surgery in may and just now about to be released from doctor, I had anchor place and they have to remove bone as well so arm will recover. Physical therapy is important so keep at it. Get a indoors recumbent bike so no risk of falling and it will heal.

  7. Well, I've had four shoulder surgeries. Last one was last year after I smashed up my left shoulder pretty badly but in the last 6 yrs I've had three other surgeries 2x on right shoulder rotator cuff and labral lining. Both times tears were complete and total. I was back in the gym on second day riding g stationary bike, doing spin class, doing core stuff and squats and lunges. Even after last years accident I found I could manage a fair amount at the gym. I think you will find you can do more than you think and the activity and blood flow seems like a good idea to me! Cutting my food was a whole different issue, and be glad you don't need to apply mascara!

  8. If u have surgery, take advantage of physical therapy it works wonders and most importantly be kind to your body. You'll know how long you'll have to wait. By the time you realize it you'll be riding again. Good luck and enjoy your future Great rides.

  9. Maybe elliptical?

  10. I have not had any shoulder surgery but I did crash this summer and had a separated AC joint. The thing that helped the most was this ice pump made by Breg. It's like an igloo cooler with a water pump. You fill it with ice and water and it pumps thru a wrap around your shoulder. It was a life saver! I highly recommend the investment. Shortened my healing time and felt so good. I was out riding 3 weeks after injury. Until I got injured again. Lol It's not cheap but worth it.

  11. I think this is an easy question, do whatever your Doctor and physical therapist recommends. It will get you back on the bike the fastest.

  12. i have a torn front and rear labrum and a bone spur. they are trying a conservative approach with me with cortisone shot and physical therapy to avoid surgery because it will be 3-6 months downtime from real physical activity, just rehabing to rebuild lost strength. i do CrossFit, so I am hoping for no surgery as I go.

  13. Do what your Dr and Phys Therapist tell you. Do the exercises and you will mend. Three months is probably about right.

  14. Trainer and Zwift after my arm surgery next month. Maybe running if Doctor allows it.

  15. Having orthopedic surgery isn't like training. You know, when you say to yourself, "no pain, no gain." If it hurts after surgery, you may be doing too much and it could make your recovery longer. My PT was awesome and really helped me after back surgery. Let them lead you through recovery and you will get back as soon as your body lets you. The Physical therapists can help you stay fit while they are at it.

  16. PHYSICAL THERAPY! Do what your Dr says or risk retearing and starting over.
    Stationary bike will be a great start
    Low level squats and lunges as long the hip injury doesn't flare up. Treadmill and slowly add distance and hills

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