Has anyone had any luck with using nitric oxide?


2 questions: has anyone had any luck with using nitric oxide? And could Raynauds possibly be caused or triggered by growing up in a household with secondhand smoke?

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  1. Interesting..just read the N.O is a vasodilator with a short half-life of a few seconds in the blood.
    Not sure re smoking but I did grow up with a mother who smoked in our home.

  2. A few hours after a walk outside where my hubbies head got cold, he started getting a migraine yesterday and popped in the tub and felt immediately better. I commented how it must have something to do with his blood vessels being constructed and we figured out that he has poor circulation maybe due to growing up in a household with secondhand smoke. He took a NO and felt better than he has ever felt. Warm everywhere and so happy!

  3. No one smoked in my house but I still have it. Other family members have it and no one smoked in their homes growing up either.

  4. I grew up with second-hand smoke (in the house and in the car). No one else has Raynaud's in my family.

  5. With smoking it can complicate things you for. Have seen a few people with Raynauds who smoke…It is not pretty.

  6. Interesting to get all the different histories. I can see how it could be a trigger but not a guarantee to get it.

  7. I'm the only member of my family who didn't smoke back in the day. Mom was 3 packs a day.

  8. My dad smokes and if I'm over at their house I can't be in the same room or it will set me off. I know that's not really the same but it's definitely a trigger!

  9. Raynaud's seems to have so many reasons for it happening. What I was told, until you do not have the answers, it is helpful to support the immune system through diet. and to avoid as many contaminants in your life. Best advice I ever got from my allergist. My raynaud's is more controllable now

  10. Since I changed my diet to support my immune system these are the improvements that I have gained: Less flares/attacks and they are not showing the white phase, and the blue phase is not a bad/can sense hot temperatures-no more burning my fingers/no more pain in fingers-no more pins and needles/less fatique-brain fog/can tolerate going threw a smoke filled more with no more constricting blood vessels in the throat-same also with breathing cold air/no more blue lips or white earlobes/better energy levels/no more body cold reactions

  11. So my husband is on week 3 of using nitric oxide and for the first time in our relationship he is warm. All over warm! Hands and feet and no migraines. It's incredible.

  12. Moses Myrol check out this thread

  13. There are supplements that help to boost nitric levels in the blood and they are more gentle, if the nitric oxide is too strong for some people ( ginger, quercetin, non-flush niacin, flax oil )

  14. I have used TR Niacin for a few decades…back in the early 90s. 1500 mg (3) TID, but the doc preferred me to be 2,000 mg. This was my beginning before getting other things on board. As I have preivously posted, my fantastic choice of med was TR Nitroglycerin. Well guess what, my insurance states that unless I have active gangrene, it is no longer going to be paying for it. Suggested using an INSTANT FORM of nitro…EXCUSE ME, it is my hands and feet, not my heart. So we are fighting with them (insurance). So be aware to know not all is an always…been since before 2007 that I have taken it and it was working.

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