Has anyone had a stroke in this group?


Question: has anyone had a stroke in this group? I see you are 6 times more likely to get one if you have raynauds and doctors put you on beta blockers.

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  1. I had a TIA, but probably in my sleep a few years ago because I didn't know it was happening. My former GP looked the MRI and told me I had a TIA.

  2. I am on s beta blocker

  3. six years with it….have had 2 surgeries…hAd heArt echo before operation…i have sleep apneA, now they sedAte me but not fully under…thats my worst fear..knock on wood…

  4. I started with Raynauds around 6 years ago and had a TIA and a mini stroke in August. They put me on blood thinner and lipator.

  5. I guess we may have DVT.

  6. Not me but i won't take medicine..i take tyl 3s so i can sleep and use hand warmers in sox n gloves to keep circulation going

  7. i take 10 pills am and 4 pm…..2 morphine a day, gabapenten ,ect.ect…

  8. I have APS, which causes blood clots, strokes, heart attacks amongst other things, raynaud's is secondary.

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