Has anyone ever cut their windshield?


Has anyone ever cut their windshield? Being a cheap ass and wondering if it will work!! My first Harley just purchased from Space Coast Harley.



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  1. I’ve seen it done with a dremel (cut off wheel) and blue painters tape. The guy didn’t even remove it from the bike….

  2. A grinder with cutting wheel

  3. Cut mine down a couple of weeks ago. Just used a razor knife and made several cuts until I was deep enough to snap it off. Re drilled the holes and was good,to go

  4. I make windshields.

  5. I’m sure it can be done, but why not just go on eBay and pick a shirt l short one from there?

  6. Or $12-$16 on Amazon for a new one

  7. If I cut it, it’d be done today. Impatient

  8. Buy a Long Ride Sheilds windshield…. not that expensive and a great look for a third the money

  9. I have had mine done but by the shop were I bought it. If they break it they have to replace it. Just saying.

  10. Mask the area to be cut with blue tape and use a cut off wheel in a die grinder, smooth the edges out with a file and sandpaper. Should you need to redrill your holes run the drill backwards to melt it through rather than risk the flutes grabbing and breaking the lexan.

  11. I was planning to cut mine. I ended up finding a good one at a decent price. A friend cut his old lady’s windshield down for her so I spoke with him about the process. It’s actually really easy. Don’t use a dremel. Use a jigsaw with a fine tooth blade ( like a metal cutting blade). Take your time. After cutting to desired length use various degrees of sand paper to round the edges.

  12. i bought a dark shorty windshield but kept the stock one because on trips at interstate speeds the shorty will blow the hell outta you and harder to hear music, put shorty on for around town

  13. Cheap ass go online. EBay or Amazon. Search the size u want compare prices. I’m a cheap ass well. EBay had a black 6 in high for $9. Free shipping when I got mine

  14. It it doesn’t shatter from the stress, it will make a buzzing noise when you ride it, you also run the risk of breaking those cheap support bracket inside the fairing from the vibration.

  15. I ride an 85 so anyone who wants to send me your old windshields, I can make it work

  16. I bought a shorter 5 inch windshield and it looked good but not practical on freeway…too much wind disturbance …changed back to the original taller windshield

  17. mine are American made in Missouri, 4, 6, 8 and 10″. clear, light tint, dark tint, and smoke. 96-13 and 14 and up available. free shipping

  18. i’ve cut ’em, and now buy sheet Lexan, and make my own…that started from makin my own Lexan stock car windshelds..and havin JUUUUUst enuff left over to make the first one.. and ..i preFER the term…” Frugal “

  19. u can get a new tinted one on ebay for 20 bucks 6 inch where i got mine

  20. i cut mine with a dermal drill tape off both side of the line u cut as not to crack itll work mines about 8″ remove windshield from fairing first

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