Has anyone been able to prevent the drive chain rattling and slapping about on their XT?


Has anyone been able to prevent the drive chain rattling and slapping about on their XT?

I’ve tried all recommended chain tightening methods.

Even when I set the chain tighter than seems sensible, I still get the rattle.

With new chain, sprockets, OE guides and swingarm protector, I still get the rattle.

Does the fitting of TM Design Works guides & sliders make any difference?

Has anyone tried fitting a chain roller in place of the lower frame chain slider… similar to that of a CRF, WRF etc?

Cheers folks.

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  1. Are you sure it’s the chain rattling,?they need to be on the loose side so when the suspension loads or unloads there’s enough slack,the engines do rattle when used on a trailing throttle,they all do that,

  2. What year is the bike? The 16/17 power valve rattles like hell.

  3. My 15 chain also rattles a lot. Haven’t actually tried to do anything about it, maybe I’m lazy.

  4. Make sure theres no movement in swing arm guide if so remove bottom and top bolt hit dishes washer with a hammer on flat surface then refit.
    There will be no movement then.

  5. It is a dirt bike, not a sewing machine.

  6. Yeah adjust it correctly

  7. I put the TMD sliders with chain guide and chain rattle no longer a problem on my 17

  8. My chain used to rattle too on my 16 Xtrainer from new, i think it’s just a trait they have

  9. Sorry it’s been a while but I haven’t been riding much. I’ve recently fitted a Polisport chain guide/swing arm protector and the chain slapping noise has gone away. The Polisport part was no more expensive than the OE Beta part.
    Cheers everyone.

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