Has anyone been able to convince after TT?


Has anyone been able to convince after TT? How long after? Any changes to your meds? Was it a difficult pregnancy?

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  1. I had three children after TT. The oldest was two years after my third radioactive treatment. They adjusted meds with each pregnancy and did blood work more often. Pretty uneventful pregnancies and three healthy kids 16,11,6.

  2. I just got pregnant 9 months after RAI. That was the recommendation of time i wait to try again. And it happened right away. I was surprised because i heard ot might be hard to have more kids after the TT.

  3. That's great news!

  4. I'm terrified to ever try again! These comments are very encouraging. ­čÖé

  5. My endo said to wait 8 months after RAI and radiologist said to wait 6
    Months.. Weird eh

  6. I know someone who got pregnant twice after TT. No issues and 2 beautiful babies.

  7. Okay what about after RAI and a right ovary and tube removed? Do you think it will be harder?

  8. How old were you ladied when you got pregnant? I'm 29 but I'm single now so who knows when I will meet someone to havr babies with (the last bf left after RAI)… worried about age and complications if I'm 35 before having kids.

  9. I have found lots of "yes" answers to pregnancy in this group which is something I am always curious about. My husband and I are planning to start trying this year and there's always a nervous feeling in the back of mind that without a thyroid it will be hard for us. It's so reassuring to see many of you have had healthy pregnancies and have healthy babies!

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