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Question, I have a 2008 with a TC 96. I recently put on a Big sucker air cleaner and an fp3. Am looking at changing the exhaust this winter. Am inclined to go with Rinehart True Duals. However, I’m repeatedly advised to buy Thunderheader. Can anyone tell me how much hp/torque each would add or the difference between the two? I’m really looking for numbers, not seat-of-the-pants feel.

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  1. If you want more power and torque go with a 2 into 1.

  2. These are rhinehart extreme dual, or some name like that. I just bought this bike and they were on it already. They sound good, they seem to perform well. I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody. The rear cylinder pipe crosses under to the left side and on its way it really obstructs the oil dipstick and the transmission fill. You can’t get at either if the pipe is hot. Nice pipe, dumb routing.

  3. It’s like nite and day ……. I decated my head pipe first it was ok then the tru duals then the header big big big difference.

  4. Personally I would stick some slio-ons on her and call it good. The money people spend on very little performance gain in just pipes is a waste of money, IMO. Cams is where it’s at.

  5. Not true…w engine mods… exhaust should be addressed.

  6. My 2012 has Vance & Hines header Python slip on they crack glass and set off car alarms.

  7. Exhaust won’t make much difference without cams,at the very least.
    True dials,over 100hp,but also has big bore kit,gear drive cams,ported heads,velocity stack,much more!

    • I don’t see myself going that wild on this bike. I bought the Ultra so she’d ride with me. If I get to wild I get a sharp pain in the kidney ?
      Cams may happen down the road.

  8. HP & TRQ are most dependent upon the cam. Lift, duration, timing and lobe shape all make a huge difference. Be careful to avoid comparing apples to oranges. If you or anybody else wants a hyperlink to the best cam discussion I’ve read, PM me and I’ll send you the link.

    Typically, getting it to breathe better (Stage 1 AC and stepped exhaust header) will add about 15% performance boost to stock. You’ve probably already noticed your gas mileage decreased vs. the OEM config. when you added the AC and tuner. Expect more of that as performance capabilities increase.

    I did a lot of research over the past year on this topic. My decision parameters were a mix of: Performance, Looks and Sound. I ended up with the Rinehart True Duals – 4″. While 2:1’s typically result in increased HP/TRQ, Rineharts (and V&H, Bassani) have a stepped pipe that 1) scavenges the exhaust properly and 2) delivers very comparable performance results vs. 2:1’s. I like the classic look of duals. Plus, their heat shields are very high quality chrome.

    Hope this helps.

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