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Who runs a car tire on rear wheel? Dark side I think they call it?

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  1. I do. Hankook Optimo on a 2016 FLHTK.

  2. Many a rider

  3. Radials, great idea, sidewall flex’s, and tread stays flat. So it’s stabler?

  4. He looks like a peeping tom

  5. They have a group on Facebook and these guys have a lot of knowledge about the topic. Some have gone further and painted the rear tire and done dragons tail to show you that you don’t ride on side wall.

  6. I would go dark side, but I love doing burn outs and smoke shows. The CT would hook up and launch the bike!!

  7. YIP. Michelin 205/55/16 Ive done 22000 miles. Key West /Anchorage/Key West. Handles just as great as a Motorcycle tire . Sure I wouldn’t use it on a Rice Rocket but on a Harley . Gold Wing . Indian . ITS GREAT . Cost wasn’t a factor for me. but at +/-$100. and about 30000 miles its even GREATER . The tire in the photo has 22000 miles

  8. This is the same tire after 22000 miles. Ive you look you can still see the little nubs on the side wall . at cruising speeds Around corners the side wall flexes and the tread stay flat.

  9. Zoom in its a car tire

  10. i know a lot of people that run them and say they handle much better once you’re used to them, when mines worn out i’m going for it

  11. Toby I’m waiting for the damm thing to wear out (22000 miles so I can buy another one

  12. Roll’n Darkside (car tires on motorcycles) Facebook group they got a lot of pics, & info

  13. I just joined darkside. Lots of info.

  14. my ultra is a 2008 takes a 175-60r-16 but i think in 2009 they put a wider swingarm and can go with a 195

  15. my 88 glide has to have the austone taxi tire its got the narrow swing arm ive been wanting to do the ct myself

  16. What size car tire would I have to run on my 05 Ultra Classic Electra Glide

  17. Do I have to do any modifications

  18. theres is a chart with bijes and ct sizes on dark side fourm

  19. I said something in here about a month ago and everyone heehaw’d me said how stupid it was and i’d never be able to lean or turn, people that’s never tried it should stfu and educate themselves on the subject before commenting, i know a lot of people that run them and love the way they handle

  20. The second best thing about fitting a car tire ,is listening to every one WHO HAS NEVER FITTED A CT , saying that it can’t be done , it’s dangerous ,it doesn’t handle ,and the best of all……… the bike will crash and burst into flames . But after 22000 miles what do I know

  21. Is it called the dark side Harley forum I’m trying to get on the right form to find out more info

  22. the one i’m on is Roll’n Dakside car tires on motorcycles, some Harley riders but more goldwings and big jap bikes

  23. i think it’s a private group but no problem gettig approved

  24. That’s it some of them even put a CT on the front, I don’t know that I’d do that but gonna try one on the back

  25. Would someone please recommend me to that page or group I can’t seem to find it for whatever reason

  26. Don’t know what kinda bike but he’s got a car tire front and rear

  27. My DOUBLEDARK 2010 Ultra… My 2nd Bike I’ve ran Darkside and my 1st time going DD. I have no Desire or need too ever go back to a MT.

  28. Following. Will be doing the same when my rear wears out

  29. 2012 Ultra Limited Thunderer 205/60/R16

  30. Double Dark Side, MC Rear tire on the front .

  31. Here is a group that I’m in for riding on the dark side. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1025553610831686

  32. I know you guys in the states don’t have roundabouts and many corners but that set up would be a nightmare in the U.K.

  33. Just curious about cornering. I can’t imagine it having the same corner in traction as a motorcycle tire

  34. Wrong Guytholomew Feltasnatch I have no issues at all of putting this big girl on her floorboards in corners…. I don’t care what tire you have you can’t turn any sharper than that period..

  35. Old skool there. Old dynas and iron heads. Not many do that anymore.

  36. It’s more popular now than ever, websites and Facebook pages dedicated to it and videos on YouTube, a lot of people think it’s something new , been around longer than a lot of the bikers that never heard of it, but I know more that’s started doing it in the past 5- years than ever

  37. I havent seen the fad on west coast yet. Ive only put these tires on old skeeewl iron heads,pans and shovels. But i buy the mc tire that look like car tires. Usually are bias ply types.

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