Had my TT 13 days ago. How long until I get my voice back?


Had my TT 13 days ago. How long until I get my voice back? The ENT said my vocal chords look great. Also, he put me on liothyranine to bridge until I see the endo. Has anyone else taken it?

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  1. Levothyroxine?? It took me six weeks before my voice came back… But, it came back…my husband says I sing better now…haha

  2. No, liothyranine.

  3. That does not sound right. You should be on a T4 med and not a T3 med….

  4. Wow… Six weeks. Thanks! The thing that drives me nuts is when I ask a question, I don't sound like I am asking a question.

  5. You should definitely be on a T4 med.
    I'm on liothyranine, which is a T3 med. but I've been levothyroxine for awhile now, and was put on that well before I started the T3.
    If your cords are moving, your voice will come back within 3 months (probably much sooner)

  6. My ENT said he gives it to all of his TT patients and they do pretty well. I had just never heard of it. I take it twice a day. He wanted me in that instead of the synthroid I had been taking.

  7. So you're not on any T4 medication like Levothyroxine or Synthroid?.

  8. Well, I'm no doctor, but that doesn't sound right to me!

  9. Definitely does not sound right at all….OMG….not right at all.

  10. Maybe because I was on a low dose of T4 and my thyroid had been working, this will work in conjunction with what remains in my system? He called is a bridge between what I was on and what I will be taking.

  11. Well good grief I hope there's a good reason! Hopefully they will start you on a T4 med (most likely levothyroxine) within the next few weeks.

  12. I was taking synthroid with no problems. Not sure if I want to stick with that or try nature throid.

  13. Wow. This is quite strange. I was on 37mcg of Levothyroxine pre thyroidectomy. I left the hospital on 175mcg of Levothyroxine. I am a good converter to T3, so if I would have taken a T3 med without a T4 med, I would have been sicker than a dog! This does not make sense to me at all…most doctors won't even prescribe T3…so, this has got to be the strangest treatment option I have ever heard of!

  14. I was not supposed to lose my whole thyroid, so there is a little scrambling going on on my part.

  15. You said TT correct?? If you are partial….maybe I can see this…but, Total…absolutely makes no sense to me.

  16. Yes, TT. My ENT does so many thyroidectomies, and it is what he said he always does.

  17. Well, we will see what the ENDO says.

  18. Wow. I am totally baffled on this one….

  19. I'm not a good converter, so I'm on T3. But my understanding is that you start with T4 only so that you can see how well your body converts it.
    It seems strange that an ear nose and throat doc is giving you the endocrine advice. If you have an endocrinologist, maybe give them a call tomorrow and check it out with them. At least check with your PCP.

  20. I didn't expect to baffle anyone! I feel great, BTW. A little tired, but that is to be expected.

  21. Hormones stick around for awhile. I'm glad you feel great!

  22. Amy….I agree to call your Endo….I want to understand T3 therapy after a TT…I would have went one month on T3 before seeing my Endo…I am totally baffled.

  23. He gave me the prescription to leave the hospital with. I don't even have an endo yet, waiting for a call back from the one he referred me to.

  24. I had very mild Hashimoto's before, and had a follicular neoplasm that needed a surgical biopsy. So he planned to take half. While in there, he found a .75 cm papillary carcinoma. So, he took the whole thing.

  25. I had been working with my PCP.

  26. I did some googling. Not finding much, so I'm really thinking it is not common to be prescribed T3 only. Are you taking your Synthroid also?
    Are you going to be doing RAI? I found something online that said "the only reason to do T3 post TT would be to facilitate withdrawal for RAI treatment with LID"

  27. Do you have cancer?

  28. Just found this: In differentiated thyroid cancer, the short acting thyroid hormone (liothyronine or T3) is usually prescribed initially, as the doctor will need to render the patient underactive at his follow-up check points (vide infra) and this is more quickly and easily achieved with a patient on T3.

    Later, the patient will be converted to T4 (thyroxine) which is longer acting and the optimal dose of each is monitored by serum testing – the ideal is one that renders the serum T3 in the normal range and suppresses the serum level of the pituitary TSH hormone (demonstrating that there is no pituitary drive to thyroid tissue, which could theoretically include differentiated thyroid cancer cells).

  29. I had differentiated papillary carcinoma. No RAI needed.

  30. Fascinating!!! Gosh I learn like 50 new things every day on this group lol! Keep us updated, and let us know how it all goes for you!

  31. Still does not sound right. No RAI, only T3, no thyroid. 13 days post op. No Endo. No appointment for follow up. And a surgeon prescribing T3 med only with no follow up. Wowzers….good luck, but I would not take this lightly.

  32. I followed up with the ENT, and will see an endo this week. I am not seeing the one he usually refers to, because she is not in my insurance network.

  33. Keep us posted….so curious on what your numbers will look like. Blowing my mind…glad your feeling well…it is such a rollercoaster especially with that voice stuff…I thought I would go absolutely crazy cuz I am a talker :0)

  34. I am a talker, too!

  35. I am very curious about my numbers, too. Have no idea what to expect.

  36. But….hubby says I sing better….hahaha I don't believe him! However, my grapefruit sized thyroid constricting my windpipe was probably the bigger culprit…

  37. I can't sing… So maybe I will be able to..?

  38. I wonder if my doc was like 99% sure I did not need RAI, but prescribed this in case the endo sees it differently.

  39. I had my thyroidectomy 10 years ago and I had a scratchy, man voice for a good 6 months. But we all just giggled about it..I was so happy to no longer have thyroid cancer that it was ok not to have a girlie voice..But it did come back. I used to be able to sing pretty..But that is one thing that I did not get back. I used to sing lots and at first this bothered me..but like I said I no longer had cancer and that was ok 😉 I enjoy singing horribly really loud now just for fun 🙂

  40. I could probably sing if I wasn't tone deaf!

  41. What is funny is when people call… They hesitate, and then "Michele….?" I do wish I could sound like I was asking a question. And you know how there are like 5 inflections to use with "hm"? Well, I have one.

  42. It took me a couple of weeks for mine to come back, and then I sounded like a 12 year boy going through puberty for a week

  43. Be patient… it will be weeks before it feels normal again but months before you are able to project or yell or change octaves… but it will consistently improve

  44. It took a couple of months for mine to come back. its frustrating, but it will get there!

  45. Michele Cohen My TT was one month ago yesterday. TODAY, I almost have my full voice back. I was getting worried, now I am more hopeful. I had a goal to sing Happy Bday to my granddaughter on Feb 7th. I think I am going to make it! Hang in there, 99 times out of 100 it comes back on it's own.

  46. Lucky….I still sound like a man. You wouldn't believe how many people ask me about my 'cold' or illness. I have no idea when I'm going to get my voice back but evidently, it's going to be a while.

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