Guys who have rode 15+ R1 & 15+ S1000RR


Guys who have rode 15+ R1 & 15+ S1000RR

Which is the better rode bike and why? I have yet to make a decision and test ride but sitting on the R1 I feel as though there getting taller and taller & I am a short guy ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ

Pic of my Banger ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Guys who have rode 15+ R1 & 15+ S1000RR

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  1. Iv not ridden either but iv always heard the s1000rr is a decent road bike and the r1 more track focused. Obviously take that with a pinch of salt

  2. Not rode both bikes but I think the s1k is better value for money over the r1

  3. R1 all the way

  4. Jahrome Cresswell you will love the beemer I test rode a 14 plate one and loved how small it felt being only little my self I’ve only sat on the newer r1s in showroom tho but they felt a little tall to me and the brakes on the beemer are immense

  5. R1 it more comfy than s1000rr might as well have a gixer and save money

  6. I hate my r1 on the road but the s1k is sublime as a road bike

  7. Rode both. S1k is definitely a better road bike kind of hard to explain over fb but it just feels like it’s been made to go fast on the road.
    My r1 is tall af for me being a short arse but there’s just something about it when I ride it, feels a lot more aggressive a more racey position u sit in, the power delivery is almost like a 2stroke, it feels like me. Had a l6 gsxr before r1 and that was wank in comparison to both.

    There’s a rizzla paper between all of them it’s purely down to rider preference

  8. I’m only 5′ 8

  9. If it’s a gen 3 s1k then it’s kind of touch and go. I’ve been up against the new s1k the gen 4 with the revised look and they shit on my 18 plate. I’m not sure what tech has gone into them but they were moving. On the other hand if you’ve already had experiences with the s1k previously then I’ve heard the new one doesn’t give that exciting feel

  10. I trades my 14 gen 2 for a new 16 anniversary and didnt like it, regretted it within 100 miles,felt small and cramped and I’m not a fan of the crossplane motor I did try one on track first and it was awesome but on the road not for me.
    I bought a new 18 RR fully loaded with performance package and in my opinion it’s a much better bike
    Electronic suspension Is decent brembos are awesome and the electronics are fantastic, the thing is fast,did a trackday on it monday and can honestly say it’s the best bike I’ve ridden by far.
    This is my opinion and not an argument

  11. And it uses half the fuel of the r1

  12. I have heard that the S1K at least in older gens not the latest lastest was a far better road bike. You get more with it. It’s a bit softer and easier to use but still had that ballistic mode when it needs to. Saying that I still prefer the looks of the R1 and at my talent level I’m not going to tell the difference between them at all.

  13. Karl Carl Hennebery ???

  14. ive ridden both – here is my choice of bikes, i can do 300+ on my R1 on road n love every minute of it. I rode R6 (13S) had 4 of em and this R1 is next level up. Its what you comfortable on at the end of the day. I didnt like the s1k as u sat in the bike not over it.

  15. Ridden both on the road the s1000rr is just the better road bike it does everything better on the road
    Has cruise control heated grips and doesn’t require as much effort to ride fast on the road
    The r1 is the opposite lol but it’s way more fun and sounds better as for speed they’re probably as fast as each other the bmw as has much better brakes

    Take both out and decide for yourself

  16. The R1 in picture a pre 15 and isn’t even in the same league as a gen 3 bmw

  17. The BMW including the most current one is probably a better bike. But I’ve found them quite boring in comparison to my 17 plate R1.

  18. This is 15+ different game

  19. For me the s1000 is the better bike, but then again I can’t compare it to the newest R1 model as I have a 5VY. For me the S1000rr is and has always been the dream bike. It handles beautifully. The only thing I will say is that the latest version feels a little more clinical to ride over the earlier model

  20. I had a 2013 HP4 Carbon, now have a 2018 R1M the R1 is better in every way except braking and long distance comfort, the character and personality of the R1 more than makes up for any negatives, compared the BMW just feels boring and soulless!

    I wouldn’t go touring on the R1 but for two or three hour blasts it’s more than fine, I don’t find it uncomfortable at all, once you get used to the over the front wheel position and get a lick on, it makes sense, I’m 6′ 1 !
    And the exhaust note is simply superb. !

  21. Sorry, not calling anyone a midget here but how is an R1 tall!? Tried many a new a new bike and the problem with any litre bike post 2002 is they’re too small for fully grown people. At 6’2" I’m no giant and I’m sure they’d even be small for someone a foot shorter. I wish they actually were tall then I could get one!

  22. This is a good question. I’ve ridden the new s1000rr and I’m very impressed with the technology that goes with it but reading some of the posts here about the r1 having more of a soul it seems makes me wonder if the r1 is a better choice. Unfortunately I haven’t test ridden one. I have a 5jj and will be buying a new r1 or BMW. Not sure.

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