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  1. I like grom more now.

  2. I heard it burns when z125 owners pee. Why would anyone subject themselves to that kind of trouble?

  3. Curious to what you think between the two, I have a few opinions but was wondering what others think on how they compare.

  4. I’ve had a Z and grom both full stunt setup sold the Z. Like the grom better forsure.

  5. Grom. 5 of my z125 buddies have bad stators and theyre on back order for months. So theyre out of a ride for a while. And im riding my grom.

  6. I have the grom, my wife has the z. I am brand loyal myself. Had a few ruckus builds. But when I jump on her bike it feels smoother. The ride and the power.

  7. It’s like night and day for me, the grom runs and shifts perfect, rides perfect. A little disappointed in the Z for the engine. I love the styling of the Z but the Grom really comes on top for running wise. Was curious how others felt .

  8. I had both. The Grom is much better in every aspect besides color options lmao

  9. Both are honestly built to decent Thailand quality specs… neither are the quality you would expect from a Japanese manufacturer though. It’s honestly why the Kymco Spade is going to give our minibike community a nice little shake up…. and also why I bought one. I’ve ridden all of the minibikes available today and the only one I choose to own with a stock powertrain is my Kymco Spade. I do still own a Honda Grom… but I’ve also swapped a CBR300R motor into it. It’s still a Grom in my eyes, but it’s not a fair comparison either.

  10. The Z is a good bike, but I like the Grom better !! The Grom is just a much smoother, roomier bike to “ME” ‼️

  11. I’m not sure yet but i have 2 groms.

  12. Following. I am interested in a mini track bike. I live in Asia(Taiwan) and just seems like the Z is set up better for the mini tracks. The Grom is more popular here though. I know both need work to be put on the track ( I wont be touching the engines at first though). Seems like the Z has a better track riding positioning too.

  13. Z not smooth but I think it smart.

  14. Have ridden both and i like the range on the Z125 (goes much further on a tank than the Grom) also the gear position indicator big plus for me.. I dont like the looks of the Z.. The grom has much more in the after market accessories range available to it and looks better IMO.

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