Got my first labs back. My Dr said TSH was too high.


Got my first labs back. My Dr said TSH was too high.
.22 so he lowered my Levothyroxine to 112. Why am I seeing .22 as not a high number when researching?

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  1. Did you have a tt because you have thyroid cancer??

  2. I had suspicion of cancer and pre cancerous nodules.

  3. When you have cancer they keep your TSH suppressed

  4. That's a low side number. Normal is from .5 to 3.5. But when you're too low, that means you're too high of a dose, so he lowered it.

  5. Did he test your Frees? I base my meds on my T4free and symptoms mostly…

  6. He was going to lower my meds to 88 but because of symptoms only lowered to 112. He checked the T4 and T3's before TT. He's one of those that you all talk about here that look at the TSH first.

  7. Im on 200 synthroid they have mine suppressed down to .02 because of the multiple recurrences. So maybe thats what your doctor is trying to do

  8. I really didn't get to ask all the questions I needed to. I had a problem with my insurance where they weren't going to pay for a biopsy lab because the saw it as medically unnecessary. That was almost $5000 that I would have to pay. My dr was focused on getting the tests and paperwork to send a letter to my insurance co. I was grateful that he was helping me but it took most of the time I had with him. :/

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