Good place to order ST1100 parts?


Quick question,where is a good place to order parts? I’m after a fork seal kit and also a full set of brake pads. The rear pads are nearly kapuut and the front pads and discs are covered in fork oil, I know I can clean the discs but I would rather replace the pads. Any recommendations on make of parts? Or just go with a known brand?

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  1. I tend to get all general parts for my bikes from either Wemoto or AJ Sutton (both online). The latter do both aftermarket & genuine parts. \nI’ve not done any work on my Pan yet as only had it for a month, but on other bikes I tend to stick with EBC pads. I’d avoid Kyoto pads as I’ve found them noisy and quick wearing.

  2. Only buy genuine Honda fork seals with the double lip. All others are pointless. I use Fowler’s. Or David silver. Do not buy off ebay. Ebc H for pads.

  3. FYI I first put some £25 ish ones in – pyramid parts- lasted approx a week then started leaking. Genuine Honda I’d the only way for fork seals. Twice the price but 10 times the quality

  4. Wemoto have always been good for me.

  5. That’s great thanks. Best open an account at David silver or wemoto then. Thanks for the replies,I will get this bike on the road soon,probably just as the snow starts falling

  6. Parts just arrived,I’m a happy lad,just got to get her into the bike shop now.

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