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Any suggestions for a good motorcycle gps? Do they make a GPS that had an ear bud that can be worn under a helmet?

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  1. Garmin Zumo series. Expensive but has it all. Dual blue tooth allows you to pair your phone to the GPS and put it away in the bag or compartment. Second channel is to you headset. Load it with MP3 songs (mine has 400+ tunes on it) and you have your tunes streaming into your headset, phone available from GPS display to make or receive calls. And you can pair up as intercom with your rider or someone on another bike. I have the scala solo headset. I use this one now because speakers are replaceable and use a standard 3.5mm jack. Thus I have up graded to Assia speakers and everything is right there. Tunes until the navigation speaker comes across …pauses tune and resumes after instructions. About $1000 total investment ..but worth it to me. Coming from a guy who still hasn’t tossed his tank map bag and ear buds;)

  2. I create a route at, save it as a .kml file and use Locus Maps Pro on my android phone.

  3. Garmin makes a line called zumo that is designed for motorcycles, the 590 has both wired and bluetooth out. It is not perfect, as many will tell you. It has a lot of features that are almost great but some how fall short. The biggest problem is simply the cost. I will not get rid of mine but I do have problems recommending it to others. I will say I am not a fan of using my phone. I have had mine over heat and lock up or power down when I need it the most. Also when you need the gps the most is when there is least likely service. Yes you can download maps for offline use but there Is always the possibility of not having the map you need. At least with a gps most have all the maps for a country preloaded.

  4. These are the BEST motorcycle maps you can get. They show all the streets in different colors based on curves and difficulty. They are the best investment we ever made

  5. for a motorcycle gps, i would consider both sun glare and battery life as significant issues for consideration. i believe tom tom has some very good motorcycle specific models but they are above $500 last time i checked.

  6. Cell phone app. Google maps if you’re on the road, Osmand and downloaded maps for the backcountry.

  7. I got this one after my Garmin quit after being used only twice , this is alot more affordable than “waterproof” Zumo :

  8. use my smartphone with Bluetooth ear phones but it wont do unless you’re wearing a full helmet to cover my ears. Cant hear it wearing a shorty.


  9. I have a Tom Tom rider. It’s a older unit but you still might find one new for cheap on amazon. It works with a smart phone and sena blue tooth headsets.. lots of features and online map programs to help you plan and program trips.. they have a new model as well.

  10. Tom Tom rider for me. Bought new for under 300 but I did have a $50 coupon. The best feature that I use is the route memory, I use it when I follow local riders just in case I want to return to those roads. This is water and shock resistant, phones arn’t u want to keep your phone on you just in case you get separated in a crash and can’t get to your phone if you use it as a GPS

  11. My Garmin bluetooth to my helmet or my phone.

  12. Mounted my old Nuvi on the bike in 2011 – 60k miles later it’s still working. Plastic bag and a rubber band protect it in rain & snow.

  13. I have a good gps in my truck, but sometimes use Google to look thing up. So use both.

  14. How much money you have to spend? Garmin 665 with XM Radio

  15. GPS on a motorcycle are you really kidding me .what’s the matter with point the front wheel towards the road and just get hammer down.

  16. I use my phone device. I sometimes ask Google to navigate me to where I want to go while I’m listening to Pandora. I can get satellite views of where I am too.

  17. Just so you all know You DO NOT need WiFi OR a service plan to use a smart phone as your GPS !!. My GPS is a smart phone with NO SERVICE PLAN. All you need is a good GPS app ..

  18. Waze is good in uk and America I think I use it all the time in the U.K.

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