Givi Tank Bag Best Price


Any website recommendations for the best price on Givi Tank Bag for Tracer?

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Answers ( 6 )

  1. I use Sportsbikeshop, Lincoln area, been the cheapest for me for my Givi tankbag and other stuff, and very fast delivery, highly recommended, check their website.

  2. Can’t beat the Yamaha one and I usually buy givi, native Viking are good for givi thou

  3. Another vote for Sportsbikeshop. Just bought all my Givi kit through them & got a discount voucher for my next purchase

  4. Ebay – look at the Kappa brand, made by Givi. I bought a Kappa RA308 which has been excellent and about £40 cheaper than a similar Givi – uses the same tanklock connection.

  5. got the bagster baglux on mine great bag

  6. I got the ST602 (perfectly sized for me) from using discount code CBF10 for £58.10 delivered. none in stock at the moment but might be worth checking.

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