Gaerne Balance Oiled MX Boots Brown


Anyone out there have these boots wondering , I am mostly off road But also ride a goldwing once in a while but I'm looking for waterproof and durability, Some positive input would be appreciated

Gaerne Balance Oiled MX Boots Brown

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  1. I love mine. I ordered them from Sierra BMW for a multi-day Rally I was attending the next weekend. They were delivered two days later. I literally took them out of the box and tried them on for size the day before going on a 1400 mile, four day moto-camping trip. A small hot spot on one heel during the break-in journey. Great for touring and moderate off road. I wear heavier adventure boots on serious rocky terrain.

  2. Thank youu203cufe0f

  3. Check out Forma Adventure boots, the original, the first, still the best

  4. I have the shorty Forma and wow they are comfy

  5. I have a semi-unrelated question.

    My boots, I love them, but they are now flat.

    Is there a way to change the sole? or is it the end when the sole is flat?

    And those boots on the pic look amazing. For me, important (beyond the obvious, safety and durability) is that I can take them in and out with ease.

  6. I had the tall Forma adventure boots and they are very comfortable and waterproof, but not much protection. Recently, I got a pair of Alpinestars Toucan Gore Tex boots and they are much better especially standing on the pegs!

  7. zero protection, it’s like wearing tennis shoes.

  8. If you want a boot that’s waterproof, with great protection, crazy comfortable, and that will last 60k-80k miles, look no further than the Sidi Adv. GoreTex.

    Not cheap, but more than worth every penny!

  9. I have tried on the BMW boots and they seem fine. I currently use forma adv high. Ive had a few crashes with them on, one on my left lower leg, and no injury. Lucky I suppose. They do not have much protection but very comfy. I take it pretty easy these days so they suit me just fine.

  10. I’ve been using a pair since December of last year. I commute in them every day and have used them on a 2 week dirt road excursion into Mexico in February. They are waterproof, look good, are comfortable. I really like them. I wear a pair of forma enduro boots when riding the harder stuff off road on my smaller bike.

  11. My husband loves loves these boots. Very comfy and dry. No need to break in.

  12. Forma adventure- all the way

  13. I bought the Forma Adventure short boots first because I was learning to ride and they only had the short ones in my size… then I found the BMW GS boots like in the pic above. I love the look of them, they are so cool!! They aren’t as comfy as my Forma Adventures and kinda wishing I bought the Forma Adv tall boots instead. The Forma Adv boots are way more waterproof than the GS boots too! The heel is a bit taller on the Forma Adv than the BMW GS boots, but I still wear the GS boots more than my Formas because I’m all matchy match with my BMW GS gear(pants jacket gloves)!!! Good luck!

  14. Very comfortable, owned them for about a year now. The ultimate boot!!!

  15. I really like mine. Use them off road and on

  16. I have them and I like mine. Unfortunately this is my first pair ever so I have nothing to compare

  17. Check out Sidi Adventure 2

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