FZ just does not feel “grounded”


Sort of a newbie question, I never did too much interstate riding before but I noticed that the FZ just does not feel “grounded” at 75-85 mph constant running. Its not the front wheel wobble, and im not sure if its just that me and the bike together weigh 520. Anyone else leery of this bike for interstate travel?
Edit:I don’t weight 50lbs

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  1. It’s the aerodynamics of a non-fared, super lightweight sportbike.

  2. You only weigh 53lbs?

  3. I’ve gotten over 100 on the straights at the track with no problems. Oh, I think Joe Miller nails it. You might also have too much pressure on the bars. if you grab it with your knees and keep your hands light on the bars you’ll be riding correctly.

  4. I lay down on the tank, cuts the wind

  5. Only time I get that is when I shift really hard on the interstate I just back off the throttle a little bit then get back into it and it’s fine

  6. I agree. I’m a newer rider and at 90+ it feels like the front end is coming up

  7. No issues hitting 85 + on our toll roads.

  8. It is a lite bike , and I came off a sport touring bike where home was the highway 90 or 100 was nothing , but the more you ride the more at home you will feel on the fz07 , it grows on you and becomes second nature , you will get used to it and very very important check your tire pressure with not enough air it drags with proper air it rolls, I learned that quick , if highway gets to you try a windshield and I don’t recommend one as big as mine , last weekend I posted about a high speed wobble , I adjusted the windshield and tire pressure and even a new helmet , and I will up date this weekend on the high speed wobble!

  9. When I’m on the highway, I pretty much live in the 80-90 range. Mine loves that range. Right about 6k rpm’s. I’m 6’3\

  10. Good question as I have found the same thing. I thought it was just a windy day at first but it’s every time. I’ve ordered a screen to see if that helps and try to avoid the highway as it’s really boring anyway.

  11. I have no problem, even at higher speeds. I’m 5’7\

  12. must be just your comfort zone. it feels very stable for me. i ride the interstate every night to work and on average im going over 90 mph. ive gone over a 100 but not any faster mainly due to traffic lol and also not wanting to go to jail but i have never felt like it was having to run really hard like a 250 or unstable

  13. Been fine for me

  14. I cruse down the highways at 70 mph almost all the time. If you don’t have a wind screen maybe get one see if it helps at all. But most likely you just need more riding time to get comfy with it. I was pretty nervous when I first got my bike because this was my first one. But after 1000 mi or so haulin some ass is now the best part lol 😂

  15. Also if you have wheel wobble don’t hold the handle bars so tight. The bike wants to drive straight all on its own lol

  16. You weigh 50 lbs?

  17. Your going to get head winds, cross winds and a bit of turbulence from other vehicles (especially large trucks) that might make you feel unstable at high speeds but the more you become familiarized, the less it feels out of the ordinary. Road conditions also play a factor.

  18. I have a WR250r that weighs 295lbs, 50/50 tires, full exposure to wind and I’ve never felt unstable at 75mph~ but I could understand why someone without experience might feel uneasy. It’s my opinion that interstate riding just isn’t fun and I’d much rather take the longer, slower and more enjoyable route. I’m also a truck driver so I know the risks involved with sharing the road with commercial sized vehicles.

  19. You’re not alone. All over forums and Reddit and here people say how it feels (key word: feels) unstable over 75-80. Get a little windscreen. No need for one of the really large touring style ones. The rest of the above advice is sound too, but a little windscreen will make a night-and-day noticeable difference.

  20. Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll try adjusting how I ride and I’ll have to get used to it. I’ve got a puig touring screen already and I like it.

  21. Never had an issue. Feels smooth changing lanes and zipping around at 85+ on highway commute to and from work. m about 5’6 155 maybe 160 with beer and food in me lol. Of course i feel the wind as its a naked bike but ive goten used to it.

  22. Am I getting sad reactions because I weigh 50 lbs??

  23. I got this as a first bike and felt the same way when I started. Now it feels perfectly fine to me at that speed. Granted I’m 6′ 1″, 225 lbs so that may be a factor. Honestly it’s something you learn to adjust to with more time.

  24. I ride mine between 80-100 for hours at a time, you don’t need to tuck your legs in, you don’t need to lay down on the tank, you don’t need a damn windshield. You need to ride the bike and don’t let it ride you

  25. Try going 70 on a 250 dual sport, the front is dancing around doing a jig

  26. wind screen helps alot

  27. Mine feels fine up to 100 or so and I’ve had it up quite a bit faster.\nBut I got a sport touring (mid sized) windscreen fairly early on. That felt a lot better on the freeway.

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