FZ-09 Speed Wobble Issues


Is anyone else having speed wobble issues on a 2014 FZ09? If so which steering stabilizer/dampener is best?

Robert Geissinger: I have seriously only encountered speed wobble when I’m hard on the throttle in 3rd gear at about 90 mph because it’s trying to lift the front end. I’ve had this bike at 150 with no wobble. Sounds like it could even be an unbalanced front wheel. Like others had mentioned, check your tire pressure and ease up on the grips

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  1. What speeds are we talking?

  2. Don’t hold onto the bars so hard and balance your tires/check psi

  3. Speed wobbles are completely different for everyone. I hit top speed all the time with none. Buddy of mine with the same bike does anything over 100 and gets them.

  4. Try more preload on the rear shock

  5. Just wheelie that bitch.

  6. Upgrade the suspension and get it set to your weight

  7. get ebay damper $65 money well spent

  8. Uphill and hard throttle fucks me up every time!!!

  9. I had bad wobbles when I first got my FZ09 at a 100 mph. A buddy of mine, took it out to help me figure out was going on. He got it up to 130 no problems. It turns out I was holding the grips to tight. Loose the death grip. Slightly push forward and barely hold the grips. See if thgat works. Also, have a buddy take it out and see if he wobbles it. It could be stabilizer is needed also.

  10. Mine doesn’t wobble any more then expected at times. It’s all on throttle and grip.

  11. Ive never ever had this problem

  12. You have to ride the wobble

  13. Stop the death grip and lean forward.

  14. Ease up on your grip, throttle control and check your tires. Also, consider how you place your weight at that speed.

  15. 120 mph and my 14 started to wobble. Every time.

  16. check tire pressures and don’t have a death grip on the handlebars

  17. Mine started doing this after its 600 miles maintenance. I had no problems before. 2 things changed after that maintenance : tire pressure was checked and a winshield was put on. I ll start by playin with the front tire prsssure and if its not the problem then windshield it is

  18. My steering nut on the top of the tree fell off. Was wondering why I was wobbling. Check yours and make sure it’s tight.

  19. Mine wobbles less now after I changed the bars

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