FZ-09 from a 1000cc bike?


Anyone go to an Fz09 from a 1000cc bike? I’m currently on a CBR1Krr and looking to pick up an FZ09 in the next week. I’m just curious about the comparison in engine performance between the two. I know the FZ will provide way more TQ downlow and I look forward to that. I suspect the FZ09 will be much more fun to ride around the city and will be much better at going “slow” where as sportbikes are only good at going fast.

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  1. I went from an 02 gsxr 1k to the fz09, and while it is a step down in the top speed capability, it is much more comfortable since you are sitting upright, and the torque is insane. Recommend an ECU flash to smooth out the throttle a little bit, and a lot of people do suspension upgrades, but I have not.

  2. Think of it as a turbo dirt bike with street tires

  3. I went from a cbr1000rr to an FZ09 and it was the best decision ever Cbr1000rr’s are garbage imo

  4. I had an 01 cbr 929rr erion racing edition for a few years, and currently own a 01 kawasaki zrx12r along with my 17 fz09… In my opinion there’s no need for a 1k bike… Most people will never ride them to their limits. Sure the power is fun, but I prefer to actually ride the bike, not blip the throttle and be half way across the county… Anymore my kawi only gets taking to the drag strip and the fz is my go to bike…

  5. The 1000 has way more mid to top end, but the fz09 has much more usable power. The fz09 is much better on the streets because of that.

  6. Think of it as a 600-750 with balls and a comfortable riding position.

  7. I went from a 954 to a motard to my fz and the fz is by far my favorite

  8. Do it, you won’t regret it. The FZ is so much more comfortable, and is a blast to ride! Absolute hooligan machine. And ya if you do city riding the FZ is much better sitter for that as well. The only place you would miss the CBR is on the highway when you wanna do 180

  9. It pulls like a yz450 from the bottom and has the top speed of an r6. Way more useable power

  10. Funny. Im trying to sell my 15 r1 and wanna pick up a 09 as well.

  11. Yes and you are on the right thought path. Unless you’re a top speed junky, the 09 is the way to go.

  12. I had a 03 FZ1 before the 09

  13. I havent raced another stock 600 from a dig the fz hasn’t beat. They’d only catch up after I’ve hit the ecu governed top speed. 1000s will still be faster but I can actually go ride my fz for hours and not have cramping in my joints and back.

  14. GSXR 1000 to fz09 could not be happier

  15. Went from a heavy VMAX to a feathery 2015 Fz09. Lovin it.

  16. I’m at 155 gps verified on my fz with a intake, exh, flash tune, and high flow intake

  17. i went from cbr1000rr to 2016 fz. love everything except suspensions. knowing what i know now, i would still switch.

  18. You’ll laugh…I went from a HD street glide to a 16’fz and I couldn’t be happier

  19. came of an R1… You are correct… You will miss the suspension though…. which can be fixed

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