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So I’m looking to get an exhaust. I want something that sounds better than stock exhaust, just no overbearing . What’s out there that’s good ?

Matt Smith: I’ve been looking at some different options too. I’m pondering a slip on vs full right now.. From what I’ve learned some exhausts require computer updates and others don’t.. I’d love to get some input also on the least expensive way to get a better sounding growl or if spending the money on a full blown set up is worth the cost..

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  1. M4 is pretty loud, i tjink the akra is a nice balance and good performance

  2. If you drop the Catalytic converter you will need a tuner or ECU flash for the claimed performance gains. Full system will drop more weight and have more Hp & torque than slip-on. As far as sound, you just have to find what you like. I have the Two Brothers full system. It’s not obnoxious loud but has a very GP sound when the RPMs are up. Stock exhaust is 91db vs Two Brothers 99db. Akra is always good. Yoshi tend to sound too loud for me.

  3. Yamaha sells a Carb approved full Yoshi,bolton and go .

  4. Let me know which one you want and I’ll see what I can do on discount tom@biohazardcycles.com

  5. Go for akra titanium. First try with db killer(already louder than stock). If not satisfied remove the db killer. If too loud without the db killer. U can shorten the db killer bt cutting it gradually(cut n test). But bear in mind the db killer mod will be permanent.

  6. Lextec. Vcyclenut provides awesome customer service and it’s an amazing exhaust for the price.

  7. It’s not too loud with the baffle but if you take it out it’s pretty loud.

  8. I recommend the akra carbon, good pipe length for back pressure and great flow, perfect sound and runs great after a tune up ( Vcyclenut ), got mine used cheap, but best deals would be through Thomas Stokes!

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