FZ-09 Chain Changing Time


Quick question, how often should I change out my FZ-09’s chain?


Rick Clines
Depends on how you ride it. If you do a lot of whoolies or track day, you probably won’t get anywhere near 10k. If just use it for commuting or basic riding, high teens. I got 18k out of my stock chain, and I probably could have got a few K more if I wanted.

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  1. I say around 8-10k check it and see if it is seized up or any rollers missing. I’ve had chains last 4k. And some last 20k. It just depends on use and maintainence

  2. I give mine a once over every oil change

  3. Thanks guys

  4. Uhh I wheelie and ride faster than is recommended especially on interstate to work at the time over 40 miles a night. I got to 18k miles but only because swing arm due to ignorance

  5. It’s recommended to change the chain and the countershaft sprocket/wheel sprocket at the same time.

    I’m no expert but I wouldn’t be concerned about the chain without considering the sprockets as well.

  6. I wheelie all the time literally evry time I shift into 2nd and 3rd gear.. I ride fast and I have 7k on my chain. And no wear to the sprockets at all.

  7. I had a gixxer 750. Was a younger ill informed kid. Neve lubed it and was rusty as shit. It lasted me 24,000 miles. It never ceased. Maybe I got lucky?? But now I follow the manual and lube it like I’m banging a 120 yrs old women.

  8. The stock chain can last up to 20k miles, but general rule of thumb is when the sprockets teeth start curling and getting pointy. Change chain and sprockets all at once

  9. I’m at 32k on my stock chain. It’s defiantly time for a replacement.

  10. Changed my factory chain at 16k… Ride hard, do wheelies ect…

  11. I wheelie and do all the dumb shit, along with a lot of highway riding, just lube her up when I remember and send it. 16k now on stock chain no issues.

  12. 18k no issues yet, cleaned and lubed every 1k miles

  13. If you can pull the chain away from the sprocket (at the 3 o’clock position) it is stretched and should be replaced. General rule of thumb is first time replace chain, second time replace chain and sprockets.

  14. Chains wear concurrently with sprockets. As a general rule, if you can no longer adjust your chain and your marks on your swingarm go all the way out, you replace the whole kaboodle. A new chain on worn sprockets wear the chain prematurely, and a worn chain on new sprockets wear the sprockets prematurely. Additionally, you replace the set if your sprockets show deep wear, bending and or chipping teeth.

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