FZ-07 Winter Gasoline


Hey, just a question. What opinion do you have about gasoline during the winter. I live in Chicago and I don’t think I will be able to ride for a couple of months. Is it OK with just starting the engine, and moving it for a while or I will need to install something? Thanks

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  1. If anything just put a fuel stabilizer into the tank

  2. I can’t find it on ebay or Amazon. I will Google it to know a little bit more. What’s the function if you don’t mind. Thanks!

  3. You can get it any auto parts store. I did see I some on Amazon.

  4. Not everything is on Amazon just go to a auto parts place haha

  5. Yeah I just found something in Google. Fuel Med and another one from Yamaha. I will try an auto parts and ask there. Thanks.

  6. It helps the fuel from breaking down and gunking everything up.\nAfter dumping it in you have to run the bike to make sure it gets into the whole system. And starting the bike once a week will also help in the winter

  7. Walmart sells Stabil for the lowest price I’ve yet to see. Smallest bottle treats 20gal

  8. I can ask this to the guys @auto parts… But, how much do I need to use?

  9. Dont start it at all during the winter.. cold start are bad for any engine. Keep your batterie charged with a charger

  10. If it is cold I would not start it, fill it with as much as possible. Seafoam. Is a excellent additive. Run the bike to circulate it and connect your battery to a tender. Starting with cause condensation and that equals rust.

  11. SeaFoam or Startron in your tank to stabilize gas and start it up every couple weeks to move the oil around the engine. Coating internal parts with oil is especially important if using synthetic oils. They run off after a few weeks. Run it at least 5 minutes to get the moisture out.

  12. I just remove battery fill tank as much as I can and it sits for 5-7 months lol

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