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  1. Road Pilot 4’s are money in terms of both.

  2. A tossup between the PR5s or the angel GTs. Personally I’m a Perelli fan (I’m a pro mechanic)so I’ll be getting those. People are seeing over 10k miles on rear tires.

  3. Continental Sport Attack 2.. trust me.. lasts about 9-10k kms, and is good enough to ride track… and pin it out of corners…

  4. Roadtec 01 18,957 miles on a set

  5. I’ll have to look into all of them, need a new rear and would love a tire that inspires confidence! Research time

  6. Friend of mine just got pirelli diablo rosso III’s. Dual compound with supercorsa sides.

  7. Pilot Road 4, tons of life, adequate grip, awesome in wet conditions. All you need

  8. I run Dunlop Q3’s. They now have a Q3 Plus. Awesome grip and about 8,000 miles on the rear.

  9. Pilot road 5s

  10. Who actually has pilot road 5 on their bike? Pics plz cuz unless u ridden pilot road 5 to the wear bar you don’t know how good it is.

  11. Michelin pilot road. Great tire.

  12. I got pilot road 2s. Better then the battle axes!

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