FZ-07 oil level in the bike was beyond the sight glass


Noob mechanic question.
I noticed today after a ride that the oil level in the bike was beyond the sight glass. I’ve let it cool some and it is still over when the bike is upright. (I thought I had the right amount when I changed it) I am waiting till it is cool enough to drain some out, but it has been this way for about 250 miles. Is there damage or something I need to check or watch out for?

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  1. It’s not to bad unless it’s way over . Drain a bit

  2. The mechanic overfilled mine by at least half a quart last time. I only take it to the dealer while its under warranty. \n\nJust crack the bolt and drain while you watch for a safe level!

  3. You should be okay, defiantly drain a bit out until it’s in between to the hash marks, as stated above. \n\nToo little oil in your engine and your rod bearings don’t get lubricated and can damage them. \nToo much oil in your engine and your crack shaft will dip into the oil creating \

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